Tuesday, June 6, 2006

$475! no... $575!

Zilla is my superhero (in a cheetah print cape) for the day! Seriously, that kicks ass, and I didn't realize that the anonymous donation was from her, so DOUBLE thanks Zilla!

Go ahead, click her link and see why she kicks so much ass. I'll wait.

See, isn't that the shit!? Told ya.

Today is the two month mark, and even though I'm hurting, I cannot help but be so encouraged, so touched, and just... christ, what's the word? I just feel so good to know that so much is happening in Nova's name. It makes me cry - in a good way, a very very good way.

brb gotta go blow my nose and stuff, seriously.

OK. Whew.

I have been outside most of the day, working on the memorial garden for Alexis and Nova. I started out by dismantling the wheel barrow - an old one that was way past being usable. I took off all the bits and baubles and caulked up the bolt holes while Scott dug a matching hole. It became the water feature/pond/fountain bit. Fitting, considering everything in the garden is recycled and rescued eh? So I leveled that out and took all of the stepping stones we had (more recycled items from a customer's yard) and put them around it to disguise the edges. Each stone weighed as much as I did, and I'm a perfectionist - sort of, and it took me ages to fit them together like I wanted. Then, I dug some holes for the Nandinas on either side, and a couple more holes for, um, I don't know what they're called, some sort of palm type tropical things. I left areas for the Supernovas and Cupcake roses when we can afford them. I still had a palmy-thing and a Nandina left so I dug a couple more holes... And in between each hole and plant, I rearranged the stones around the 'pond' because I'm a freak like that. The cool thing about the stones is that they're full of mica, so they sparkle in the sun. I had to bust a couple up, to get the right sizes and shapes and such, but I'm finally happy with the way they look now (until I go back out and look again probably.)

So, after several many hours of stripping the sod off the area, digging holes, and carrying those stones, I'm feeling deeply satisfied with my efforts and my results so far. And sore. Man am I sore. I am so sore.

Holy Bejeezus! My donation total just rose to $475! And the last donation was via Zilla's linky list, so it actually rose to $575! Thank you Writer Mom! And thanks again Zilla. I didn't think today could possibly turn out to be a good day!


  1. Zilla rocks in huge ways. Erin, that is so cool- both the donations and the garden. I'm dying to see pictures.

    BTW, I'm not being stingy with my money, I'm being unemployed, but as soon as our financial situation irons itself out, I'll be clicking the link, too. I promise.

  2. Ang~
    lol I know you just joined the ranks of the stay at home Moms, I don't think you're stingy!

    I forgot to take a before until Scott was digging the hole, but there will be pics before during and after... as soon as my (stingy stay-at-home-mom) budget can cover the other plants!

  3. What a bunch of beautiful beautiful big-hearted people! Erin, I am just waiting for my SS check to arrive. It won't be much, but it will be some! Don't work too hard now! ;)

  4. I can't wait for blooger to get the picture dealy fixed so we can see your gardens. :-)