Friday, June 16, 2006

my first audio post

Ok, I promised Lori I'd do this. I'm blushing just thinking about it. I use ODEO, because I don't have a microphone, so the only way I can record is with the phone. I want you to know, I hung up on ODEO three times before I got the courage to go through with it, and even then, I screwed up and got fumble-fucked at the end. I just couldn't make myself call again, so deal with it, Southern drawl, rattling paper, weird emphasis and all :)

powered by ODEO
Below Morning's Edge

The cannas have begun to show,
a paradox of petaled sunrise
risen atop stoic stalks

leaves held together, as always,
slipped one inside another like
pages of poetry - twisted,
hidden in the dark crescent
just below morning's edge.

Four long months of Carolina summer
they stand proud, June through September.
I wonder, come the third Thursday
if the thanks they give is for the fall,
for the chance, at last, to let the sun set.

Are they glad?
to loose their curled secrets?
to lay them down and sleep?


  1. Wow E! That did take a lot of bravery! Good job! By the way, if I close my eyes and listen to that sweet southern accent it almost takes me home. Aaahhh, beautiful.

    Seriously, I understand the whole "hate my own voice" syndrome. I think most of us suffer from it.

    I'm one of those people who has been displaced from the south (even though I'm in the deepest south) just long enough to NOT have an accent all the time, but drop me off around a familiar drawl and I'll be talking it before the day's over. Funny how some things never leave us, just lurk below the surface.

    Anyway, I'm rambling. But I love this piece, and it's even more wonderful with the author's--albeit nervous--inflections and tone.

  2. Bravo!
    Thanks for having the courage to read your work to us.

  3. no no! It wasn't bravery or courage, it was peer pressure! Lori made me do it!

    Actually, I keep listening, and I cringe a little less each time. Maybe it isn't so horrible.

    And Ang? This is how I talk all the time, seriously southern, until I hit Troy. I think I Yankee up a bit when we head north.

    My mother is from NJ, but we've lived all over for so long, she has no accent at all.

    It is weird how it works isn't it? I remember coming don to SC once when we were living in NY (or hell, maybe it was when we first moved one of the times we moved down?) and I distinctly remember suddenly regaining my Southern accent. So much so that my mother teased me about it.


    Anyway, I think I'll eventually get used to this audio blogging thing if I do it often enough! Maybe next time, I'll only hang up on ODEO once!

  4. Erin your voice is just as I knew it would be intereting, clear and good to listen to.

    You have a solid voice.

    NOT horrible at all. Word.

    I like you even more after having heard you speak, you are approachable and soothing with that voice of yours. I knew you could do it. You rock my face off. xx, Lori

  5. I think your poetry has never been more beautiful than it is hearing it read in your own voice. That was AWESOME, E!!!

  6. I needed to hear your voice.

    I must try it.

  7. haha I love you all. I'm still embarrassed as hell, but not so much that I won't do it again. I've always liked blogs where I can listen to the poetry being read (especially Blue Tattoo, who shares my Southern drawl) so... I'll do this more often. I mean, I wouldn't want to deprive you guys of such an enriching experience! ;)

  8. OMG! You have a drawl! I ~SO~ knew it! YAR! Ya did really good, E. I so wanna do this too! hehe

    Ok, now the bad news. E2's heard your voice many times and the poem is lovely and all, but you need to read S-L-O-W-E-R next time.

    Don't hit me for the drawl thing or the slower thing, k?

    ::: ducking aheada time :::


  9. That was AWESOME! I don't have anything more to say that hasn't been said already! Just wanted to say I heard it and LOVE it!

    More! More!

  10. Ditto! Listened, and Loved it, thought it was FINE!

  11. Mikey, I've actually only spoken to Erin twice. The first time, she barely even spoke; mostly, I babbled. Second time, she laughed a lot. This was only my third time hearing the drawl. It's purty sexy, if I may say so!

  12. very, very cool, I am going to a reading tonight, what inspiration. It sure changes the poem, it is nice to see where the author places inflection or emphasis or whatever. It is usually different than the reader applies to it. It is awesome. I think i love your voice, 'Carolina' is the best.

  13. HA!! You beat me to it! I was gonna record something a couple of weeks ago, but I couldn't get through...something about the number being disconnected. Hmm...I'm gonna have to try again. That's was BEE-U-TI-FUL!!

  14. okay Erin, go see what a Canadian sounds like. I had to try a couple.

  15. E2, yes, the drawl is purdy derned sexy. :-)

    Now you've all done it: I've done one myself.

    It's fun and yes, you do kind of get the feeling you have a little insight into this person whose poetry you've been reading for what seems like ~FOREVER~!

    Hugs, "~Y'ALL~"


    E2? You do one yet?

  16. Very nice: really well read. I think it's interesting you instinctively break the lines in different places to the version on the page.

  17. That was one of the things I noticed about it too Martin... the difference in line breaks when I read it. Part of that is because I was nervous as hell... but it makes me think I need to (re)consider how I break them visually.

    Glad you enjoyed it, I think I'll probably re-do it when I decide where the breaks really belong.

  18. My cannas were just killed off by a couple of cooold frosts :-(
    Loved hearing your voice (to me its just American!) but also concur with Mikec about reading more slowly. But hey, I haven't even done the audio thing!!!#$%

  19. Erin, I can't get over how much richness audio adds to poetry! No wonder (some) poetry readings are so enjoyable. I really need to consider doing this for my blog. But if you're self-conscious about your Southern drawl (which I think is absolutely lovely), what should I say about my Lebanese accent?
    I am so glad to read your poetry in the Carnival. I do hope you're planning on submitting a link for next week's Carnival (I'll be hosting).