Sunday, June 25, 2006

Busy busy bee

You know, I could pretend that I actually have a life, without even lying to you! I have plans for every weekend in July already, and for a week in August, and 4 days in September. Oy!

Here's how July lines up:
The 4th is my birthday - plans are to ignore the my part of that and celebrate Independence Day and the birthday of our country.
The 8th is Terra's birthday, so we'll be partying that day.
The 12th is Tommy's birthday, his party will be the weekend of the 15th.
The 22nd is my niece's baby shower.
The 30th is Bren's birthday, so we'll have his party that weekend.
Oh and School starts back for Bren on July 25th I think... or is it the 28th?

Then August/Septemberish:
My sister-in-law and her husband are planning to visit for a week in August, not sure which week yet.
The 15th is Kassi's birthday, so her birthday will be the previous weekend.

She and Kory go back to school on the 28th of August.

We'll be leaving late August 31st to go to Troy for Labor Day weekend. We plan to stop in and visit with Scott's friends on the way in, then spend a few days in Troy at the fair, so Scott can go to (maybe drive in) the demolition derby.

We'll leave Troy on Labor Day, September 4th, and stop in and see Doug and Laura on the way back - hoping still that J will magically be at D & L's when we are, and that somehow, somewhere during the weekend, I'll also get really lucky and see Erin.


  1. Wow E! So much going on! By the end of September you must be all caked out with all the birdthdays you celebrate over the summer.

    I'm so glad that you're taking that trip to Troy, and that you'll be able to stop along the way and visit with some super-cool folks, too. Even if Jon isn't able to make it down, and even if you don't somehow magically run into Erin, I know that you'll love it. It's gorgeous, and D & L are two of the nicest, coolest people you could ever hope to spend time with.

    Hmmm... wondering if J and I could catch a plane up for the weekend, too. Didn't we once say something about a MTC gathering at barnhenge?

  2. Oh Ang, that would kick SO much ass! hey, without the phone between us, I bet you and I would even SPEAK!

    No shit, it would be HUGE to have an MTC get together!

  3. I was just checking in on you and WOW what a schedule!