Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Man it was doing some gorgeous storming out there this afternoon. I've never seen the sky the colors it was tonight. First yellow, then pink, then purple, but the most vibrant unbelievably beautiful shades. Amazing.

God I love summer in the south!

I got a $20 check today, payment for a little something I'd done. I wasn't really expecting it, so I'd decided to apply it to the Heart Walk, but instead, I made up fliers (or flyers, whichever) to distribute to local fraternal orders and such (thank you Ang for that idea) and they're in the mailbox awaiting my lovely mail lady as we speak. I also sent one to Nova's pediatrician. He's a sweet sweet man, I hope he decides to donate. I've also received 3 donations today, $25, and $80, and Zilla matched $65.00 of the $80 donation, so thank all three of you! The new total is $1195!

No one has bought the stuff I was selling, so tomorrow afternoon, I will take (or, more accurately, have Scott take) them... I don't know, to a pawn shop? Something. Somewhere. Wherever it is that people buy used appliances and outdated end tables.

My sister emailed today about my niece's baby shower. I promised I'd help plan it before. Hell, truth be told, I suggested it. So we're in the planning stages of Baby Shower Throwing. I've never thrown a baby shower. I have no idea what I'm doing. What are your thoughts on Shower games? Yes? No? Ever played any good ones that aren't too goofy? I'm making the center piece - the Diaper Cake. Those are kind of cute, don't you think? And I'll take care of the food too. We have to get a list going for invitations eh? Gotta know how many I'm feeding...

My niece being pregnant makes me feel old as hell. I remember her being Terra's age, I remember changing her butt. And now, she's an adult, soon to be a mom. It makes me look at my kids. Tom's 17 (well, he will be in less than a month) Kory is 15, and breaking down doors to get a job so he can buy a car so he'll have one when he gets his license. Kassi's nearly 12 - going on 25, at least. Terra breaks my heart every day with how adorably grown up she's getting. Brendon is the only one who seems to be 'his age' - or at least, he's at an age that isn't freaking me out anyway. And now that I've given all Nova's things away, where once there was baby apparatus, there are only empty spaces that remind me that he'd be 6+ months old.

My best friend had a son just a few weeks before Nova was born. It's hard to talk to her on the phone sometimes, hearing him in the background, her telling me the things he's doing (he crawls now, pulls up and cruises...) I'm getting a huge amount of satisfaction and large doses of warm fuzzies from the Fundraiser, but man, what I wouldn't do to have Nova back.

He's been gone 2 months and a week now, and my throat still closes up with missing him.


  1. *HUG* You can use this and so can I...I have a bit of the "feeling old" blues too. John is 19 and out on his own and Mikey's right on his heals. He's graduating next week. Rich, is Rich. I think HE's the only one not freaking ME out and he'll be 15 on the 4th of July and Rose...ahh, my Rose. 12 and 5'2" and always reminds me how short I am! lol Dang...that's it. I refuse to get any older. Does not ACTING your age count?!

    The baby shower should be lots of fun...I've made many diaper cakes in my day. *sigh* The memories. I have some game suggestions if you need 'em. Email me.

    And, my dearest, Nova will always be with you...all around you and everywhere....The proof was in that sunset yesterday. I love you!

  2. OOPS! Rose is 13! She'd kick my booty if I didn't correct that! See! LOL I told ya I was old. I forgot my own daughters age!!!

  3. E, the day you don't have that feeling when thinking about Nova is the day I start worrying about you.

    I know what you mean about your neice. My baby sis is due in about a month and a half- if she makes it that long. Makes me feel old, too. Eeek!

    I don't know if I have many suggestions about showers. Despite three different people trying to arrange a shower for me, it never happened. But at some of the showers I've been to a popular game that doesn't require you to make an ass of yourself is to go purchase several baby necessity items- pacifiers, onesies, bottles, diapers, bibs, nail trimmers, etc. Remove the price tags and have everyone guess the prices. The person who, at the end of the game, has a total closest to the actual reciept gets a goodie, and all the items go to the mother to be.

    It's amazing how many people, even those WITH young kids, have no clue how much stuff costs, or how quickly it adds up.

  4. oooh I like the sound of that game!

    Guess I should think about prizes too eh...

  5. Ok, there were a few cute games that I played at a recent shower. One, was to write down baby items on peices of paper and stick them into a hat. (Bottle, Nipples, Booties, etc) Each guest draws a "name" (wears it on their shirt like a name tag) and for the length of the baby shower, everyone must refer to them as that new name. If they slip, they must add change to the jar for babies college... (like an Oh Shit jar, kwim?)

    Also, there was a game where you get small metal safety pins, and put them into a bowl of uncooked white rice. You blindfold people, and they try to pull out the most safety pins in 30 seconds. (It's actually harder to do than you think)