Wednesday, June 7, 2006


OK, I've been a little bit pissy today. That's what happens when an addict has their drug taken from them you know. Pissiness. Blogger has been down with some sort of issue, and thereby denying me my drug of choice: blogging.

However, I have to give props where they're due. Blogger is free, you know? But the techie team is always humping it to fix the problem, whatever it is. Pretty dedicated technical service for a free site.

I recently bought Scott a Logitech Momo Gaming Steering Wheel. A Momo is apparently the wheel to have for the serious gamer (serious gamer - oxymoron anyone?) and they don't come cheap. He's had it a month maybe, and last night it wouldn't come on, no power, the pc wouldn't even detect it. So off to the website to find tech support for a product I paid dearly for. Guess what. Basically, want in one hand and shit in the other and see which hand fills up first. We figured out on our own that it was a problem with the power cord, and once I realized there was no tech support to speak of, I went to see if there was a page to order replacement parts. Nope. You have to buy a whole new damned wheel. If I buy a new wheel, it'll be anything but another Logitech product.

So after that, I figure I can't complain about Blogger's free service. I can't yet leave a comment anywhere, but hey, I can blog!! One downfall of technology is that shit happens. At least Blogger fixes theirs. I even emailed them to say thanks, and you know, rib them a little about the picture uploads ;)

Speaking of pictures, remember when I blogged about the plants in my garden, and those bushes with pink flowers that I didn't know the name of? The one's we paid 50 cents each for? Well they're called Guara, or Passionate Blush (or Siskyou Pink, or Sunny Butterfly)... Here (on the left) and here are a couple of pictures of it. Scott was out on a Supernova hosta hunt this evening and saw the guara and checked the name, mostly because it's been bugging me since we got them.

He did not, however, find the Supernovas. Zilla has some in her garden. Actually she's the reason I even know they exist. As if she hasn't given me enough - she emailed today and offered to send me one of hers in October when they go into hibernation in the northern-er climes. Could she BE any greater?!

In other news. I hurt all over. I'm SUCH a wuss. I hurt in places that have no right to feel pain. Remind me not to try swinging a pick axe anymore eh? Guess that's what I get for planting in a leach field. I filled the pond this afternoon - it leaks. Guess I'll have to buy one of those damned liners. I hate to do it, I wanted to RECYCLE stuff into this garden (Get it? Giving "dead" things new life?) but damn if I'm having a friggin empty wheel barrow basin buried in my yard, no matter how perfectly arranged the stones around it are!