Thursday, June 8, 2006

Finally! Blogger is WORKING!!!

Man. I can't believe that Blogger has been down like allllll damn day. I'm just hoping I can actually make this post before it takes another shit. Funny thing is, I've been jonesin' to blog all day, and now I'm drawing a total blank.

First thing first. I seriously want to know what you guys think I should raise my Heart Walk goal to. And remember that it's mostly you guys that I'll be depending on to help me meet that goal! I mean, I intend to head out this weekend and hit some local businesses too, and I've already got a couple of people who promised to donate when they could... I figure if I raise it, and meet it again, I'll just raise it again, you know?

One of the donations that came in today was $100 from one of Scott's customers. His invoices have gone out over the last couple of days and we included a letter and an offline donation form with each one. I think that a lot of them will probably donate something. His customers were really wonderful while Nova was in the hospital, and very understanding of the fact that the regular schedule pretty much went the way of the wind for a few weeks. A lot of people would have found another lawn care company - his customers though... They called and left messages and checked on Scott after Nova died. Just all around a good lot. The lady who donated today is a pediatrician's wife. Her husband works in the same healthcare network as the hospital. Don't know why but that's just very cool.

We did some more work in the garden today. I laid stepping stones from the back steps (which I need to replace) to the area beside the Memorial Garden, then we mulched the whole thing. Erin sent me some Crocs and a thunderstorm in the mail today. Seriously, the thunderstorm came in the card. When it started raining, I just kept spreading mulch, grinning like some sort of dip shit in my new Crocs, rain dripping off my eyelashes. It was pretty awesome. And there's nothing like fresh mulch to spruce up an existing garden. It looks very nice. I need to deadhead the rose bush and then I'll try to nab another picture or two tomorrow - I think that'll finish off the roll. Obviously the Memorial Garden isn't finished, but I can share some before and during pictures. You'll notice in the pictures that the next thing we need to invest in is some patio furniture and decorations. It's pretty much a bare concrete slab since the glass top table spontaneously exploded. There'll probably be a refrigerator in the pics too. We got a new one (from my local freecycle group) and plan to donate the one we had, but I can't seem to stop gardening long enough to scrub it up good and get it onto the truck. It works like a champ, just needs a new drip pan so it won't leak on the floor anymore. So just ignore the fridge in the pics, OK? OK.

Anyway, I've emailed with some people I'd lost touch with recently. Moontown people, real life people, blogger people, poetry people. CHD people. Lots of people. That's been really nice. I can't believe how many different groups of people there are in the cyberworld that have come to be so important to me.


  1. I think $2000.00 is definately reachable. Our heartwalk is in Sept. too, need to get my page together! I'm trying to donate to one a month so you are on the list before Sept. ~ count me in.

  2. YAY!! Yup, $2000 is a good number. This is so great, Erin. There was no doubt in my mind that you could make this goal. :-)

    Can't wait to see the garden. I would have loved to play in the rain with you...sounds heavenly!! love you!

    btw...we're waiting for you in promiseoflight! lol...just had to throw that in ;-p