Tuesday, June 27, 2006

59 hours of radio silence

Yesterday was one hell of a busy day, and being the lazy mofo I've become lately, it pretty much wore me out. We got up and met with the lady from the AHA. She was very nice and offered all sorts of paperwork and posters and stuff to help us raise funds. She also gave us a prize for being "web wonders" which means that we've raised at least $300 via the website. She gave us this funky little CD case... if she only saw how often our CDs end up laying all over the house! We have about 10 CD cases, and they just never end up in any of them. She also gave us a bunch of American Heart Association highlighter markers, and a whole freakin roll of stickers. The kids loved them!

I guess she meets with all the team leaders in the walk, and one of the things she does is teach people how to personalize their page and how to use the website. She didn't have to do that with us, all that was already done, but she did tell us that she uses my page as an example when she teaches the Company Team Captains how to do it. How cool is that? Yup, made my day. I'm so totally the proud mommy, and was really happy that in some way, I was getting to "show him off."

When we got home, I piddled a while (took a nap) and then about noon we headed off to go to the kids' schools. They're all in new schools this year and I had to go and register them all. I actually had to go to 4 different schools, and spent all afternoon doing it. It pretty much sucked, but at least it's done now.

We came home and after dinner, Scott had one of his spells. I've never told you guys about Scott's spells have I? Every so often, every few months or so, something happens to him. It's actually very painful, and lasts several hours, sometimes days. Not sure exactly what causes it, but I wish I knew...

See every few months he gets this irresistable urge to rearrange the livingroom. Seriously. It drives me a little bit crazy, but it does give me the chance to clean those corners and places that don't ever see the light of day. Amazing what you find behind the couch. So anyway, we were doing that until like 1 in the morning, and weren't done when we finally quit and went to bed. The pain started when I woke up and couldn't move from helping him move that monster of an entertainment center.

I finally finished up this afternoon. It's amazing what a mess you can make when rearranging. It looks good though, and everything is all clean, even the knick-knacks and stuff. It gave me the chance to move some pictures around and put all of Nova's pictures and things with all of Alexis' things. See, we've had what we all call "Alexis' table" for years, with her picture and her book and memento box and stuff. Nova's things were in a different place, on a different table. Now they're all together, his and hers, on top of the entertainment unit. I still have to get his book made. I just haven't had the heart to do it yet. Just looking at his picture makes me cry. I'm ready for that point at which it gets "easier."

don't have the heart
broken hearted
breaks my heart
heart wrenching
from the bottom of my heart
with all my heart

They all sound very different lately than they used to.

Then today Scott also decided to replace a couple of lighting fixtures that either didn't work, or were just 1960s butt-ugly. The hall light outside our bathroom hadn't worked in months. It's a very dark hallway. I forgot what it looked like, and of course, with the light working again, I realize I need to do some cleaning in there too. Tomorrow. Procrastination is a specialty of mine. And I'm tired, moving that entertainment unit was no joke. It's like 6" tall and 8" long, and weighs about, oh I dunno, six thousand pounds.


  1. lol...I get those "spells" every now and again too. I'm not moving furniture, but I'm having to work around Juan. I'm throwing a surprise 40th party for him and he's absolutely driving me insane. I didn't go to bed until 2 this morning making invites and such!

    Anyway, you definitely had a busy day. School registration sucks...weird...I just realized I only have two instead of four in school now!

    AND>>>omg, girl! Congrats with the AHA...so awesome. You should be proud and get the warm and fuzzies coz you deserve them. Love you!!!

  2. Ugh. I remember the first time I wrote something to you I used the phrase "my heart goes out to you." I clicked "submit" or "send" or whatever, and immediately said , "Oh, SHIT!" So I'm kind of a tiny bit relieved that you brought it up, because now that I can tell you that I realized immediately what a clunky faux-pas I made, I might be able to stop obsessing about it, if only because I'll have to start obsessing about this one.

    Wish Mr Z ever took a notion to do a domestic but manly thing like moving furniture.

    Glad to hear about the AHA stuff. Very cool. I'm thinking of revamping my Sept 15 post so people who've seen it a million times might stop ignoring it :-)

    And yes, I'm following through with the off-blog effort as time allows :-)

  3. Erin, sounds like a majorly busy day for you. I was wondering where you were hiding all day yesterday.

    It's cool to know that you are making such a difference with the AHA thing. I mean, they use you as an example of how to do things right! Too cool. Nova and Alexis would be so proud of you. Are so proud of you.

    And this is totally off subject somehow, but I needed to share it with you. In my MT classes I'm in a unit on the cardiovascular system and one of the terms that I'm supposed to familiarize myself with is "Tetralogy of Fallot". I had to log out and take a break. It's one thing to approach medical stuff as an outsider, but when you run across stuff that you are so personally familiar with it makes it difficult.

    So, every time I have to type that word into a report, my mind is immediately going to go "Nova, Alexis, Erin."

  4. lol Mary~
    If I have never said so before, I DESPISE moving the furniture around. HATE it. UGH!

    And yeah, I got warm fuzzies about them using our site. :)

    Please don't feel like you did anything wrong, seriously. It's just that right now, the word heart in any form makes me think of Nova. No clunky faux-pas committed, at all.

    I have no doubt that you're working on that fundraising goal you set yourself! You strike me as the type to get a thing done once you've decided to do it!

    Not that I want to be the source of your discomfort at all, but it's nice to know that we're being thought of. Be damned if I wouldn't rather it be "lottery winner" that made you think of me though! Damn it! :-P

    love ya ladies!

  5. It's not so much discomfort, E. It's more of a bitter sadness that such things have to exist and have to happen to innocent babies and families. I mean, why couldn't it be a condition that occurs in baby-raping psychopaths or something?

    And yeah, I wish it were lottery winner, too. :)

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