Friday, June 30, 2006


I woke up to a broken driveshaft,
crossed eyes and a backache --
hair in my face and my husband laughing.

Finished lunch with a hundred dollar mechanic bill
and thirty bucks in the bank.

Stepped out of a shower of dead-son tears
into rescheduled orthodontic appointments
and broken braces. Then, I tripped over
a box of life is good,
and it is.

Yep. Every bit of it's true. The driveshaft fell out from under the work truck this morning, right after Scott overslept and missed Kassi's orthodontic appointment. Scott woke me up to share those tidbits of joy, meanwhile laughing at my rat's nest of in-my-face hair. My back was killing me, and I was unamused. The driveshaft was finished up around 1 o'clock, cost us a little over a hundred bucks, and we had $30 in the bank after we paid it. Then I hopped in the shower thinking the hot water would help the back, but I'm notorious for falling apart in the shower, and this afternoon was no exception. Got out, rescheduled Kassi's appointment (she has a broken bracket) and then received my b-day present from Erin. One bad ass (super soft, personality-perfect) tshirt, and one huge coffee mug, both from a company called "Life is Good." And yes, even through the bullshit of life, it is good. Especially when you get really cool stuff :)

Thanks Erin!

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  1. You're very welcome, E! I'm glad it arrived at the right time. Sounds like you needed it right then! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!