Sunday, June 11, 2006

Update: $1025

So tonight's update looks like this: Thanks to a donation (another donation) from E2, my running total stands at $1,025.
That moves my name into the #3 spot on the Top Fundraisers list, which I mention because it shows how generous all of you are, not how great I am! (I won't deny getting a little kick out of it though!) We're just $80 behind the #2 John Rohr. He has $1,105. The top spot took in another donation today, so Pat Cook is on top with $1,625, exactly $600 ahead of us.

The kids, despite the hours they've spent working on it, in 95 degree heat today I might add, haven't had a lot of luck with their door-to-door fundraising efforts. They've got some ideas of their own brewing though, so we'll see how they do tomorrow. They've each got $10.00 and that $2.00 donation I haven't entered yet because I haven't figured out how to split that 3 ways. I'll just tack it on to someone else's off-line donation at a later date.

Not one soul stopped and bought any of the stuff we put out there today. Hopefully that will be different tomorrow. We'll put them out earlier, during yardsale hours, and get a little more attention I think. I've decided to put some of Donovan's clothes out there, if for no other reason than to get at least a few dollars, because let's face it, baby stuff sells like hot cakes. Maybe once they're in the yard for the baby stuff, they'll see what we're selling this stuff for and make some purchases that they wouldn't otherwise.

Scott's customers haven't done a lot yet, but I have faith that they will. They're good people, and they know how much this means to him. But for now, the team total is $1,055. Still no word from the radio stations I've contacted, but it's only been one (weekend) day. So I'm not sweating that yet. The more I think about this AHA lady who called and left the message, the more excited I am to see what she has to say. I'm looking forward to setting up the meeting and talking to her.

Ang is considering having a yard sale with her mother, and not only donating her sales, but asking her mother to consider donating part of hers. And Zilla has a goal in mind that she intends to meet by September first. She's shooting for $500! How awesome is she, and on top of that, if any more of her usual readers donate, she's going to match the next $62.50 (she's already donated once for herself, and matched $250 dollars worth of her linky-list members donations!)

I have been utterly overwhelmed by how caring and giving so many of you have been and continue to be. It has, as Erin says, "strengthened my faith in mankind." Thank you all, so much. I can't even begin to tell you how special this whole process is to me, or how comforting it's been to be enveloped in this online community at this point in my life!

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