Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Eh. I'm tired. Even though it was a largely unexciting day in the medical world, I'm all outta juice.

He's good, about the same as yesterday, with the exception of some swelling. They turned off the lasix to make sure his kidneys can still function on their own - they do, but not well enough to get rid of the massive amounts of fluids they're pumping into him, so he's swollen - but they feel comfortable that there is, as of yet, no long term kidney damage, and he's back on lasix to get rid of the swelling.

Other than that, everything stands pretty much where it stood yesterday - lotsa antibiotics, still pretty doped up, but everything seems to be working well - as well as we can ask at this point anyway.

All major plans are still on hold until next week, though they're considering an echocardiogram to assess heart function and make sure that all still looks good. It's sort of a back-up plan to make sure nothing is happening in there between now and the expected heart cath, which has a tentative date of 3/27.

I took pictures of his colostomy yesterday, but I don't feel like fighting with my computer to get them up. I almost took one of it tonight, it was slap full of the greenest nastiest spinach-colored poop you've ever seen. Ha! Like you wanted to know that?

Oh, we had Jane again tonight. She was the nurse on duty when his incision needed fixing. She described the events leading up to that... apparently, it wasn't seepage that was the problem. Seepage tipped her off that something was up. The bandage was "wetter" on one end than the other so she took it off to look, and the incision was beginning to open. An hour later she checked it again, and there were bowels visible, outside of the incision, for the length of the 6" cut. THAT'S why it was such a big deal. No one had explained that to us before.

Yummy eh?

K, night night.

Baby socks ... ok? Please?


  1. baby socks....CHECK! *smooches* good night, sweetie. Sleep well.

  2. Oh, the darling, darling boy. Do you really want baby socks? Because I happen to have some DOOZIES in mind! Email me a mailing address, Babes!
    mishahouse at aol dot com.

    SO much love to all of you. Just so much.

  3. I can't get blogger to load pictures either, at all this morning.

    Nova's been through a really rough time. Hope all goes better soon.