Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Insanity interrupted

There's a weird thing going on with me. You know how religious I am, I mean, my faith could almost fill a thimble. But today I got some pretty bad news - pneumonia is seriously bad news - but I feel oddly calm about it.

All those warm wishes and positive thoughts you guys are sending must really be doing some good for me too!

Either that, or I've finally lost that last marble... I'm betting on the earlier, rather than the latter, because I actually lost my mind years ago :)

There's a 3 yr old boy in the bed next to Nova now - he arrived yesterday. He's SO big! I mean those are some seriously long legs! Anyway, we talked to the parents while we waited for our visit yesterday, and she told me her son's name and age at that point. Last night I got my daily batch of letters from a support group on Yahoo for parents of heart babies (and adult CHD patients) and Lo and Behold - she is a member of it too! Pretty small world, considering the prevalence of CHD's and how HUGE a Yahoo Group can be (I mean, they're global, know what I mean?) So I followed some links and found out she has a website about him. He's awful cute without all those tubes!

So I took one of the photocuddlers that I sell through poeticacceptance.com, put her son's picture in it, so I can give it to her today. I KNOW they're supposed to be for the charity, but something just told me to do it. About halfway to the hospital, I chicken out because I can't figure out how to give it to her without looking like a total dork. I left the bear in the van, and when Scott realized I had done that, he commenced the ragging.

But honey, you put their son's picture in it and brought it just for them...
I think it's a sweet thing to do...
C'mon let's go get it and you can give it to them when we go back upstairs...
Doofus, I can't believe you left it in the van...
You big boob, just give it to them!

And all I can think is that she's either going to look at me like I'm insane, or be pissed at me for printing out her son's picture. But we go get it, and I argue some more, but he pretty much just told me to shut up and do it. (He, however, wouldn't do it, because it was "girly.")

We got it, went back to the waiting room, and she walks in. Sheepishly, I call her over and explain that I'd found her on the group, followed links to his page, printed out a picture (hope that's ok...) and gave her the bear.

She nearly exploded. She was so tickled. She's a "picture person" she says, and shows me her bracelet that her sister got for her - little silver picture frames
each full of his smiling little face.

"And this one we just got done - you know, I'm sure you do - with the surgery coming up, we wanted professional pictures done, and this is my FAVORITE!" as she turns the bear around to show me the picture I'd chosen.

I'm so glad Scotty gave me hell all day and made me do it.

Thanks Scotty! You made her day. And I won't tell anyone how important it was to you that we give it to her - because we wouldn't want anyone to know what a smushy sweetheart you are! (Or what a doll you've been to me, how absolutely wonderful.) I love you baby.


  1. You're a wonderful person, E. You should not have hesitated one second to follow-through on something that was basically an impulse action. You printed the picture, put it on the bear (impulse), the follow-through was natural. You both needed to do this. Thank you for being who you are.

  2. I do stuff like that all the time. I'll see something that I think is perfect for someone, I'll buy it/make it, whatever it, and then I chicken out- can't make myself give it to them. I've got a drawer full of cards and miscellaneous stuff that never went to the intended person. I totally understand that. But I'm glad you gave it to her. That's something that's going to be special to her for a long time.

    On the pneumonia thing, which, by the way, I don't know Nova has, I know that it can be a serious complication. There's no sugar-coating the severity of it, but I am also filled with a sense of calm about it. With all the positive energy and prayers and everything being sent his way, there's no way he's not going to pull through.

    You're a good person E. I don't know how else to say it. In your greatest time of struggle, you still think of others.

  3. I'm going through one of the most hellish times of my life - and I have received so much love and support through it - it's only natural that I pass it along, right?

    Fair's fair ;)

    And Ang, lmao, I'm glad you're as uninformed as we are ;)

  4. Hello, sweetie....faith has nothing to do with being religious...it's just believing that you don't have to do everything yourself and letting go. There is definitely a higher power working here. I believe it :-)

    As for the impulse...good for you, hon! You and your family are being very well loved. *hug*