Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Emergency Surgery

We were awakened to the phone ringing. Never a good sign. There was "free air" in Nova's abdomen, meaning that there was most likely a perforation in his stomach or colon, which may have been leaking fecal matter into his abdominal cavity, which could cause infections and all sorts of complications. They called to ask for telephone consent to do emergency surgery to find out if there was a perforation, and repair it if necessary.

We gave permission and left for the hospital, we arrived at 9:15. We didn't see him until 12:30.

They did find a perforation (basically a stress induced ulcer) and repaired it, and "washed out" (quite literally) his abdominal cavity. They also performed a colostomy. His intestines now come out through a hole in his stomach, just below the huge incision they made to perform the surgery, and empties into a bag.

They think they caught it early and aren't anticipating any complications, but there is a real possibility here for major complications, systemic (ecoli) infection, sepsis, all sorts of things. Of course, he's on massive antibiotics, and massive amounts of fentanyl and versed again, and they're watching him closely for any signs or symptoms that might indicate any sort of problem.

It could have been much worse, it could still get much worse. We just don't know yet. More waiting.

Obviously, the heart cath is postponed. He'll have the colostomy for months - I don't know how many yet. It isn't permanent, or that's what they say for now. Eventually they'll have to do another surgery to reconnect his large intestine and small intestines so that things work the way they're supposed to again.


  1. Good lord have mercy E! I can't believe it! Ok, so I can, but it's certainly not the news I wanted to hear at all. Poor Nova. I'm glad they caught it as early as they did, and I'm crossing my fingers and praying that there are no further complications.

    As always, sending you prayers and love and all good things.

  2. This is definitely a test of your sanity. Hang in there, girl!

  3. Holy crap, E. If it's true that there is a god and that he/she tests us, he/she sure does think you're capable. I'd have to agree with God on that one. Much love, good vibes, etc. and watch your mail. :o)

  4. Ang~
    lol, this is the news that woke me up today - followed by a flurry of ping-pong telephone calls with different drs and nurses.

    The first GOOD news we got today was at 12:15 when they told me that they thought they'd caught it early.

    I, like you, can only hope and pray that it is controlled and fixed and nothing else happens.

    My sanity is a lost cause dear, I don't even pretend to be sane anymore.

    God is WRONG. Terra loves Ponies (haha email/blog comment crossover, sorry) of any sort, and I'll keep my eye on the mail box

    Love yas

  5. Ah, punkin...

    Lord watch over little Nova and his dear family in this time of crisis. Hold them and strengthen them. Bring faith and peace in knowing that they are not and will never be alone. For all these things, I pray...


    I love you, Erin. We all do and we're all sending you our strength and blessings. *hug*