Tuesday, March 7, 2006


Well, I found a connection at the hosptital - we'll see how long it lasts. Today's news so far: Nova has pneumonia.

I could have bet on that 2 days ago when he was laboring so hard to breathe. The good news about that is that they're treating it with an antibiotic that targets the bacteria that causes pneumonia, rather than a general one, so he should start getting well pretty quickly.

He actually looks better today than yesterday, even though we know his lungs have fluid on them. He's resting, breathing more easily than he was last night. Poor little guy just isn't going to do this the easy way.

More later, should there be more to tell!


  1. pneumonia sucks, but I'm glad to hear that there's a diagnosis, and therefore, a treatment plan.

    Glad to know there's a connection at the hospital. Now we can get live- up to the minute- breaking Nova news.

    Glad he is more comfortable today. Hopefully this will be the new trend. He may not do it the easy way, but as long as he's doing it, I suppose that's the important thing.

  2. I have never seen a breast pump. Can you send me a photo? No, I'm not kidding. Childless goddess that I am, have no clue to what this gizmo looks like.
    Now you know why I never told you I had a blog.
    Don't spew your coffee.

  3. lmao Jody~
    You asked, you received ;)
    Aren't ya sorry you asked!?

    That's how I feel: I don't like that he has pneumonia, but at least we know and they're treating it, which means he'll be feeling better soon.

    too bad I'm not SUPPOSED to know.