Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Meatball update 3/8/06am

The first email I read this morning:
Sending love light and reiki to Nova and your family. May the spirit of love surround you all and bring you to new understanding each day. Nova is a beautiful whole spirit who comes to you and the world with a message of love, hope and Healing.
Love And Light
enter senders name here
That's the kind of "prayer" I can get into. Somehow reminded me of E2's cords and Tom Robbins. Picnics on warm spring days as a child. Morning glories. Nova's fingers wrapped around mine... I may be losing my mind, maybe I haven't had enough coffee yet, I don't care. It made me feel good, and I sincerely hope that my lil guy is feeling it too.

The nurse is still blowing smoke up my ass about the pneumonia, but she did take the time to make sure that I understand that the antibiotics he's getting cover "any infection we have found or suspect" She also says he came back positive for a urinary tract infection, but kidney function is up, fever is gone, he's calm and resting. Vitals are looking good this morning and he's had no problems with anything overnight. Sometimes no backward progress is as good as forward progress.

I'm so proud of him, and miss him so much.

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  1. Erin, I think I can handle a plateau, as long as there's not back-sliding, so I'm filing this one in the "good news" category. You have to love the medical world where everyone else knows what's going on with your child, but they're legally bound from sharing that info with you. ARG~

    Hugs for you this morning. And what a really sweet prayer for Nova. Like I said, good energies, all coming your way.