Monday, March 13, 2006

3/13/06 quickie

I am presently watching some mindless, horribly politically incorrect stand up comedy on Comedy Central - a comic named Carlos Garcia, and Oh My God is he funny! I won't even apologize for the fact that the racial prejudice jokes fly in the face of my personal philosophy of acceptance, or my outspoken opinion about generalizations and stereotypes. This guy is HYSTERICAL! And damn it, I need the laugh!

Nova is sleeping like a champ, eating a little more and a little more - they up the feeding amount every 4 hours so he's already eating more than he was when I left the hospital. I'm telling you, a friggin' full belly is ALL it takes to make my boy happy. If they'd have just FED him after surgery, he'd be home by now! OK, maybe not HOME, but you know what I'm saying, right? Food, damn it, the boy needed FOOD.

Still no plans (that they're telling me about anyway) to do that elusive catheterization, and, they intend to try again to extubate him on Wednesday. Surely, surely it will work this time.

Now, on to what happened TONIGHT after I got home:
We Took off our clothes to watch some late night TV,

Then we turned off the lights, got down on the floor and did some in-the-dark web surfing.

and then when we were done with all that, we grabbed some sweets out of the cabinet

and went to bed.
For the record, she crawled in there on her own! I prefer the closet when I lock the kids in dark places - the doors are easier to lock ;)


  1. Isn't it Carlos Mencia you're talking about??? He's got a whole series called "Mind of Mencia" and yes... it is hilarious!!! (I've got a secret crush on him according to Roy... I say, it's no secret!!)

  2. haha I'll be damned it IS Mencia... Guess the tears of laughter in my eyes blurred my vision and I thought it said Garcia...

    Whatever, that was FUNNY shit!