Thursday, March 16, 2006

necrotizing Entercolitis

Did some research on Nova's surgery and such. The condition is called "Necrotizing Entercolitis."

I still have to do more reading on it, but apparently it isn't uncommon in children who have heart problems. The doctor said it IS unusual in a child his age though - it's more common in the younger babies.

Anyway, we're FINALLY off to the hospital. Have a good one. I'll post if there's anything new.

Oh, and I actually HAVE the camera today, unlike the last couple of days, so maybe I'll have some pictures.

Anyone ever seen a colostomy? Heh, well, you probably will later.


  1. Colostomy story (to lighten the mood, and possibly ruin your dinner): my mom and stepdad were walking through the field surrounding her house with her neighbors, trying to find a dog that had escaped. One of the neighbors, the Mister, has a colostomy bag. Well into the walk, my mom noticed a horrid smell. Everyone was looking at each other wondering what it was, but no one wanted to say anything. Finally, the Mr. looked down and said, "Damn! I done ripped mah bag." I guess it got raked across some thorns or something, 'cause it was torn right open and leaking.

    So, the moral of the story is: don't let Nova go looking for lost hound dogs in a field with prickers.

    Love you, E.

  2. Eww...gross. Funny, but gross. :-P

    Thinking of you sweetie, as always.

  3. lmao Erin, I promise he'll be restrained from any Hound Hunts in the near future!

    I heard a story about a year ago about a guy who had a colostomy, and he ate beans and was, um... gaseous. He supposedly exploded his bag, but who knows if it really happened or not. You know how it is with online stories of a friend of a friend...

    Lol Mary~
    Lucky for you I didn't take any pictures of it. It felt sort of... well, wrong. Besides, it was sort of in need of a change, and I never posted pics of his dirty diapers so I figured I'd refrain from that picture too lol.


  4. Oh, my lord...flatulation of another kind and dirty diapers? Heh...who'da thunk?