Monday, March 27, 2006

Poetic Acceptance: The Saga Continues

Is it customary practice for a chapbook publisher to use a chain store to produce their chapbooks? I mean, when someone refers to "their printer" would you expect them to be referring to Minuteman Press or some other place like Kinko's?

So, yeah, the chapbook thing hasn't worked out, but then, we all sort of expected that didn't we? It's just a damn shame that she used this point in my life as an opportune time to try and save face and appear as though she was living up to our contract.

I was promised 50 books, I received 16. (Apparently she believes that she isn't obligated to honor the original quote because "her printer" charges more than the other one did.) The binding is of a different style, the books aren't properly/adequately folded, the colors and fonts have totally changed, the paper quality went down a few notches, and the card stock used for the cover cracked when it was folded. However, she says she got a proof, and OK'd it, guess it looks good to her.

I can only assume that she expected me to be too preoccupied with Nova to notice, or too emotionally exhausted to fight the fight.

Want to hear a good one?
Personally, I am done with your unappreciative attitude.
How's that for rich? I'm supposed to appreciate having it slammed to me. What WAS I thinking?!?!
She says I'm nasty, lol. She says I'm bitter. I've been thinking about my unappreciative attitude, and maybe she's right... So here it goes:
Thank you Shaela and Chapbook Enterprises for fucking me up the ass, not just once, but TWO TIMES! I'll forever be grateful, seriously...
How's that for nasty, and bitter?

I'm not bitter, I'm pissed off, and with good reason. That isn't the same thing as bitter, but then, whatever. It isn't as though I'm surprised. I just hope that her future authors get a better experience than I did. As for me, I'm done with the whole thing. I've honored my end of the contract by reordering and now I can put it all behind me. Hell, I can even take my manuscript to Kinko's all by myself now!

I'd be embarrassed to even attempt to sell these, but as she said, I can always give them away. I'm keeping one copy, as a reminder to myself, and proof of the sorry ass quality - but if you want a free copy of Poetic Acceptance, I've got 15 copies to rid myself of.


  1. Anonymous11:49 AM

    go to, erin. no lies, no con, no cost.

  2. She friggin SUCKS!!!! How dare she have the nerve to reappear at all unless it's to seriously redeem herself? And I hate to say it, but the quality of the originals left something to be desired so the new ones actually being worse is mindboggling. Oh, and someone explain to me how it somehow costs three times more to downgrade the quality? Furthermore, a contract is a contract. If I agree to produce someone's website for a price, I don't get to skimp on pages because my costs change. If it said "quantity produced commensurate with expense," that's one thing. Ugh! She has to be one of the most irresponsible businesspeople I have ever heard of! I am about to start, I swear. Sorry to get all venomous, E. I'm a very loyal little dog!

  3. lol Erin, I feel the same, I just don't have the energy at the moment to be venemous, sarcastic was all I could muster ;) sounds like a hell of an idea though... lmao

    I recently received a book that was made through lulu, and I was highly impressed with the quality. And yeah, no bullshit when you go through them. Maybe my next chapbook (should I ever actually write enough poetry to compile another) will be a lulu book.

  4. *muah* she'll get hers. Going to work now.....

  5. My buddy works at Lulu, and yeah, they really are good. They do jpg magazine, afterall. Can't be too bad. ;-) I hate gall-ey people, Erin. She sucks.

  6. You know what? Were I you, I would allow my ego to swell with a sense of superiority to her - that I have my shit together, I honor my obligations and don't resort to ridiculous, transparemt melodrama when the going gets tough. I might even allow myself to feel pity for her, because she is so friggin mental that she's blind to how mental she is. Ignorance is bliss, I guess. Hope she stays comfy in her self-constructed dreamland. That'd be a rude awakening.

    (Did you hear the bitch slap?) Ha ha. Sorry to be venomous yet again. Like I said, I'm a loyal little dog and not above biting again!