Thursday, March 23, 2006

Up and down - and up

The autographed Tony Stewart car we're selling for The Maeghan and Heidi Foundation is up to $41! YAY! And there are still a couple of days left on the auction. . . All the fun usually happens in the last couple of hours, so I'm hoping to see this work out to be a pretty good sized donation, which makes me extremely happy, it's a great cause.

OK, so, on to today's installment of our Nova rollercoaster ride:

Yesterday sucked. Today, not quite so much. And you all know that Nova's back to being totally zonked and paralyzed to keep his blood pressure and O2 sats on an even keel - and that's still true today. But today he was nice and steady, no major bad spots or anything today, which is good, and what's better is that apparently the cultures came back and the Diflucan is effective on the strain of yeast infection that he has, which is excellent news. I don't know exactly what happens if they find out that the Diflucan doesn't work on the strain present, and I don't want to know. I mean, the infection is still obviously a concern, but yesterday I was in Mommy-freak-out mode. Today I'm feeling a little better. It still puts off the heart cath and the extubation until some unnamed date, but I can (keep trying to) be patient.

We were talking to Shonda (sp?) which is Nova's nurse tonight, and she was telling us that she knew of another child who was on the vent for 2 months, and came off successfully, so I feel a little better about the extended vent dependency. That's not saying it's great, and I'm still concerned, but at least I know that it can be done.

The nurses there have a way of doing that... they're so capable, so good at what they do, and so personable and friendly and caring. They know that the parents are scared to death, and they know how to make you feel better. Plus, they seem to understand my need for information - I want to know (and understand) everything. I'd think it would drive them insane, trying to explain things to the parents, but they're wonderful about it. So is Dr. Watts, Dr. Timmons, and especially Dr. Bailey. These are special people that choose to do this for a living, I'm telling you. Well, all but that damned Dr. Young. I'm still hoping he gets a couple of flat tires.

So, now I'm going to see if Blogger is going to let me upload some pictures. It's had a wad up it's ass all day, so we'll see... Then I'm off to bed because it's supposed to rain tomorrow, which means Scott might be off, so I might get to go to the hospital early tomorrow, so I should probably go to bed before 3am eh?

Ok, this is from yesterday - swollen and out like a light.

This one is from the 6 o'clock visit. He's actually more swollen, still zonked.

And this one is from 8 o'clock. Figured I'd take it from the opposite side of the bed, for a little variety you know - plus in this one you get an excellent view of the bag'o'spinach there. Oh c'mon it does look like spinach!


  1. *hug* I'm glad you're feeling better. It shows on your post. Hopefully, when you read this it's after you've gotten some much needed sleep! Nova is definitely in good hands.

    BTW, EEWWWW...Yes, it does look like spinach. I'll never be able to look at that vegetable the same again!!! lol

    Love you. Hope you have a good visit.

    oh...according to my word verification, I'm a rag queen! (ragqhne) lol
    heh...okay so it's true, at the moment, but that's beside the point!

  2. lmfao Mary, I'm so glad I'm not the only one who plays word games with the verification strands!

    Yup, I do feel better. Shit, I was feeling like I did at the beginning!

    This stress, man, I'm teling you. I'm gonna end up in the loony bin!

  3. *hug* Well, least you won't be alone. I think at least half of moontown'll be there too! I'll check on you later.

  4. lmao Mary, I think 1/2 of MTC is already there ;)