Wednesday, March 29, 2006

hahahahahah lmfao

Every silver lining has its cloud eh?
Here's the cloud that tried to piss on my parade tonight:

Date: 29 Mar 2006, 05:31:07 PM
Subject: Re: Poetic Acceptance

HTML content follows


No one else has emailed me or has come to me about any of their books. So you can keep your bitchin to youself. My new authors love me, and I keep getting reorders. In fact, my offline business has been gaining 100% of the profit. I did look at the books I sent you and they looked fine to me, I check everything before I mail them. Like I said the gloss stock does chip off paint, thats any press, I don't go to a super high cost press. I am sorry your not satisfied. I am really done with this coversation, your not going to be positive. Rermember Erin, you can caught more bees with honey than you can with vinegar. Even if I could financially afford to send you more, because of how nasty you been to me and the fact you won't work with me makes this relationship unbearable. Remember I contacted you, nothing changed from the I sent you when you first said you loved it to now but the paper. I put the linen in there just because you were my friend, however that wasn't going to continue. Linen paper is a higher quality paper and for me to make all those books in linen, it would have been in the hundereds. In my journals and chapbooks I use that paper which a 24 lbs stock, very nice qualitiy. Don't take your life's frustrations out on me. Goodbye, stop emailing me!

Shaela Montague-Phillips
< >Creative Consciousness at its Best

You got it kiddo, not one more message from me will pass through your mail server. Enjoy your fantasy world, pay your phone bill or some shit with my $48 bucks and kiss my ass.

LMFAO too god damn rich... Thank you EVER so much for showing your true self! At least now the truth is here to be seen.


  1. ah man this is so funny on SO many levels.

  2. lol...hmm, we talked about this, didn't we? Well, nuff said! *hug*

  3. Well, she got what she wanted: got to make herself into a sweetheart hero and then turn you into the ogre (in her mind) so now she can justify what she did. I feel sad for her. Disillusionment is so far from a happy life.

    P.S. If my publisher confused your and you're, I'd have to wonder...

  4. There are so many things that I COULD say about this... so many wonderful, colorful things. But ahhh, well, whatever, right?

    She's just plain psycho, and she's proven it time and again- both in my past dealings with her (which she doesn't rememner, of course) and now.

    And I'm with Erin. If my publisher can't master the mechanics of basic grammar and sentence structure, how is she going to EVER produce a literary work of art for me?

    So brush it off and be done with it, E. The MTC calendars we put out a few years ago were of better quality. Maybe ask D & L which kinko's they used? :)

    Love you, Mami.

  5. You know what I secretly get a giggle about? You know she's nutty and insecure enough that she'll have to keep coming to your blog to see what we're saying about her, but as she has officially been the one to terminate the relationship and you've been kind enough to post that fact, she can't say a word or she'll contradict herself and look stupid (as if she doesn't already). Neener neener neener! I know, I'm childish. But it's been a long time since I've been in on a junior high-style fight and sometimes it feels good to stick your tongue out at someone who deserves it.

  6. Now, why are you guys picking on this poor, nice lady? Erin is obviously taking her life stresses out on this inocent woman.

    AHHH, shadup!
    Fuck her.

    ~ The James

  7. hahahahahahaha hahaha hahahaha hahahahahahah ahah ahahaha!
    I'm still laughing my ass off about this shit. It's just funny. Well worth the $48 for a laugh like this - better methinks than it would cost for dinner drinks and tickets for 2 to The Comedy Club.

    And yeah, I'm figuring she's composed 100 venemous emails that she can't send - and if she DOES send them, I'll post them too.

    And why would I do that? Because I need these laughs!

  8. As shallow as it is, your enjoying this is the best possible way to get back at her. I know her type - desperately conscious of what everyone else thinks. So now you aren't just thinking ill of her, you're public about it. Man oh man, I never knew I had this much catty bitch in me.

    And why shouldn't you be mad at her? She's done nothing to deserve even your indifference, let alone respect or forgiveness!

  9. What I find scary is that anyone can call themselves a publisher so long as they have access to a color printer, a kinko's discount card, or heck, a box of crayons and a ream of 92 brightness Staples copy paper. And to claim to be a poet and an artist? Someone forgot their meds...

  10. Innocent maybe.

    Yep. Someone forgot their meds alright. Me!

  11. This post did it for me here on this blog. I won't be returning.

    Erin, I wish you and Nova the best, but this kind of group trashing of another person isn't something I enjoy reading or would even want to.

  12. Well Ginger, I'm sorry you feel that way, but everything I said was true, and if my telling the truth offends you, then so be it.

    But even if you don't like these posts, I know now that you're aware of her practices, and won't be duped into one of her contracts, and get screwed over like I did, now will you?

  13. Oh, by the way, I'll almost gaurantee that she'll contact you about a chapbook, now that she feels like you "supported" her in this.

    Be careful. You're an excellent writer, and I've told you that before, and you deserve better treatment and more ethical practices than she'll give you.