Wednesday, March 29, 2006

3/29 - 8:30am

Well, we saw him at 6am, and Shanda let us do all sorts of stuff. I helped give him his bath, and got to look at the incision in his stomach, and helped change his dressings around his chest tube, and then I got to pick him up while she changed the sheets! It isn't exactly like holding him, but it was the most I've gotten in 5 weeks, and I was thrilled! And scared and shaking lol, but that's another story. When Dianne came in for her shift, she took a picture of all of us. I thought that was so nice!

Shanda said that he had a really good night. His fluid I/O was WAY in the negative and he's almost back to his normal non-swollen self. He opened his eyes and focused on us, and he didn't even get upset with us for all the stuff we did to him, and it really seemed like a lot of fussing and fidgeting.

Then Dr. Watts came in and reassured me again that "Today is the right day to do this." And Shanda agreed that it really is the right time, he's looking so much better in the last day or so, and he seemed ready to start getting better.

If there's a God, that's what will happen today. Somewhere in that dark periphery of my mind was this nagging worry that they let us do all of that, and took that picture just in case.

OK, I'm going to be totally rude in a public place and see if I can catch a quick nap sitting here. They said it'll be at least 3-4 hours in the cath lab, so it'll be a while before we know anything.


  1. E! All great news. I'm glad that the doctors feel so optimistic. Now go get a nap and update us when it's all over!

  2. Sneaking a peek from work and wanted to give you a hug.