Monday, March 20, 2006

silly silly girl!

Haha I forgot the story! I told you to remind me!

So the day he had the colostomy surgery, I was pretty well freaked out. I mean, you expect heart issues, follow up heart caths, wonky pressures or whatnot, but you don't expect to hear that your child's body is dumping feces into his abdomen and they need to do a colostomy to save him. So my brain was scrambled, and I wasn't exactly on top of every little thing.

After he came out and we got to see him, and it, I asked how long he'd have it and "months" was as specific as they'd be - I thought up to that point that it would be a week or two, or something, and that it would be fixed before he went home - so "months" was another shock.

My next question was, "When will someone come show me how to care for it and keep the are free from infection?" They explained that someone would come when it had healed a day or two, and teach me all I needed to know. At the time they told me what this person was called, but for the life of me I couldn't remember.

So, being a goofball, I thought and thought, and was convinced that it was called a colostomologist. I told the whole thing to my mother, and called this person a colostomologist to her.

Well, we've since been unable to get our visitation schedule to mesh with said colostomologist's schedule, which isn't a big emergency, since he'll be there for weeks still. But when I was discussing it with the nurse, I asked her again what the job title for said person was, because I wasn't sure I was remembering it correctly.

She says "She's the Ostomy Nurse, or Wound Care Specialist" and I started laughing. Of course she gave me a puzzled look so I told her that I had remembered the title as something else entirely. When I told her that I'd referred to her as a colostomologist, she damn near fell out of her chair laughing at me.

But, the great news is that they like me so much, they decided to adopt the new word and call her that. So, should you ever need a colostomy, be sure to ask your colostomologist how they like the new title ;)

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