Thursday, March 9, 2006

Giving in to my inner critic

giving in to my inner critic -

Today on, the website affiliated with my favorite local news:

Friends, Family Attend Funeral Of Slained Children

Slained isn't a word according to or It, however, is a word according to
1. slained:
another word for seksy, and hawt

I saw that girl bunnie yesterday, she was pretty slained

metty is so not slained

I'm thinking that Channel 9 didn't intend to call the deceased children "seksy" or "hawt."

It bothered me so much that I actually emailed the station. How's THAT for having an OCD inner-critic! I'm pretty sure that this qualifies me as insane.

(For the record, I ONLY watch channel nine news, ever. The rest suck. And I trust them with their facts, but you writer types know where I'm coming from right? I mean, I'm not alone with my psychoses am I?)


  1. lol...nope, you're not the only one. How're you doing, sweetie? *hug* glad you did it too. The news is suppose to be informed and to inform. Guess they were on the clueless side today.

  2. E, I think you were absolutely right to contact the station. That's an extra bad place to make an error. Their copy editor must have been in the john.