Sunday, March 5, 2006


So I'm riding down the road the other day, on my way to the hospital, and thinking about the things they do for Nova. One of those things is respiratory therapy - they call it Chest PTs - they use this little rubbery mallet thing to pound on his back to loosen the secretions in his lungs, then suction them out.

My mind being what it is (mostly useless, mostly mush) I had this mental image.


I need to slap the mud.

Remember mud pies?
The way you'd fill some random pot
or pail with slop, just so,
then pat the top and watch
the water rise and pool on top?

I was always fascinated by
how the clean would separate
from the dirty and wash away
the lumps from between my fingers.

For hours, time seeped by
like it only can for a child
unaware of how each moment passes
or how soon they may tongue
their final mouthful of gourmet grit.

Yes, I need to slap the mud.
This is exactly how it is written on the back of a bank envelope, lol. I haven't edited or revised at all. Actually, I jotted it down in a frenzy and slid it into the pocket of my pump bag and haven't looked at it again until just now. It definitely needs work, and now that I've had to write it out again, and know that you're all reading it, I'll have to work on it today. ;)

Haha, you guys just never knew how much you did for me did you? My ears, my shoulders, my crutches, my unwitting critics, and my motivation.


  1. *MMUUUAAAAHH!!!* I guess we're just returning the favor. :-) See how things work? lol...I had to do this respiratory therapy for my son and nephew at home when their asthma was really bad. It's also called percussion in the asthma/allergy world. I'd cup my hand and methodically pound on their back and chest all around the lung area to loosen up all the muck that would accumulate. The whole not being able to breathe and seeing them physically labor to do so and turning blue in the process is not a pretty sight and damn scarey. Yes, my love, I can relate just a bit. Hospitals, emergency rooms and machines....intimidating to say the least, but a necessary evil, I guess. You, at least, seem a bit more chipper...relieved, perhaps? *hug* take it slow. Thinking of you.

  2. Me too.

    I'd almost forgotten about the mud, a magical-like though, yes, that's what it is.

  3. Oh, E... How nice would it be to be able to gather every person who has touched you with even the smallest speck of magic throughout your life and run wild through a sunny, grassy paradise, climbing trees, digging in the mud, trying to touch the sun on a swing... Hmmm. There might be a poem in there. I know I haven't had much to say lately, but it's more because I don't know what to say and don't want to bore you with cliches... But I read it all, I digest it all, and I try to send you my love and strength.

  4. E!
    haha, I'm still a stat whore, and knew you were still stopping by ;) That's enough.

    And yes, a lovely daisy field, bare feet, and some innocence-filled time in the sunshine would be absolutely wonderful wouldn't it? When he's 2 or 3, I'll have to take him out butterfly chasing, and remember this time in our lives.

    Mud, it is one of the miracles of life - especially when it's between one's toes!

    There are no "favors" between friends hon, just acts of love. And you guys are definitely loving friends. Where would I be without you all?