Thursday, March 2, 2006

My New-Found Project

I'm restless tonight, despite being completely wiped out (to the point that I used the word "dramastically" in conversation, as if it were a valid part of everyone's vocabulary) I cannot get wound down enough to even consider bed yet.

Part of it, to be completely honest, is a case of withdrawal. I have not had enough internet fixes in the last week or so. But mostly it's because I'm so excited about finding the Maeghan and Heidi Heart Foundation - which you can see I've linked to over in my sidebar.

The women that run this thing are amazing. It's a faith based organization, which, again, you all know I'm not much on going to church, but that's just beside the point here. These women (who gave birth within a month of one another, and lost their children within a month of each other) founded and promoted their organization through the worst time of their lives - the same period during which I couldn't force myself off of the couch, let alone found and promote a charity!

So, like a pit bull, I have latched on, and I intend to be of use to them in whatever way I possibly can. I've linked them everywhere I can, but that just isn't enough. At this point, if I had a life savings, I would donate it to them. Unfortunately, especially with my current situation, I don't have a week's savings. Actually, we're about out of gas and completely out of money and I don't know how we'll even get to the hospital to visit after a couple more days, and I won't even TALK about our bills lol

Anyway, I found out last night that Sharon (Nova's nurse last night whom I greatly adore) is actually friends with these women, and she gave me a care package from the foundation that all parents of children in CVRU are supposed to receive. It is a small red bag full of "things." Some crackers (because you cannot leave that waiting room to go eat because if-i-leave-something-will-happen-while-i'm-gone!) some lip balm (hospital air is DRY) and some hand lotion (you wash your hands and sanitize them with alcohol based sanitizer every two hours, my hands look like meatloaf right now!)There is a small notebook and a pen (How I wish I'd have had that the day of his surgery - so much information that you're overwhelmed and forget half by the time they've finished saying it)

It would seem like an odd assortment of things to an outsider, but everything in there is well thought out and just perfectly appropriate. So Sharon gives me the bag and says that they'd like to hear feedback from me about it (I've emailed back and forth with them so they know who I am) and suggest anything I think might be good to add.

Kleenex Kleenex Kleenex! Those little travel sized ones that you can keep in your pocket you know? So I'm trying to figure out how, with out any money, I can donate these things. So I email the Kleenex company. I won't hold my breath, I know they get these sorts of solicitations all the time, but it's worth a shot. And if it doesn't work, I'll find another way to get them, because they NEED Kleenex in those bags!

and disposable cameras, which I think will be more difficult to come by because they're more expensive.

They also donate to the hospital, baby blankets and socks and stuff for them to use in the ward, and lots of things for the memory box that you receive if the baby passes away...

I haven't figured out how I'm going to do it, but I'm going to find a way to contribute in a major way to this place, even if I have to have donation drives specifically for them.

So here's where I'm starting - I have a huge bunch of NC readers who would be local to the hospital, and to the foundation. I'd love to know if you know of any companies that might be interested in donating the above mentioned items, or in a more monetary way. Any ideas you have to help these ladies out - free printing or a discount even, for their flyers and books maybe - just anything you can think of that might be helpful, please leave me a comment here, or email me Please!

And of course, if you feel moved to do donate to them personally, there is a link on their page where you can make donations online, and their mailing address is there as well, in the event that you'd like to donate something that they distribute to these families.


  1. Anonymous11:23 AM

    I have a love/hate relationship with the memory boxes. Mine is green. I hate green.
    Mead Johnson wants you to email them also btw. Is there anything we can do for you?
    love you, magdala~

  2. Hi sweetie. This is such a wonderful and positive thing that you've latched onto. Things'll happen for you. You know that, right? Love you!

  3. Mead Johnson wants me to email them? hmmm, ok is there an addy I should be aware of? A pearticular contact person? lol, I'll email you.

  4. Mary~
    From your lips to Gods ear dear. *hug*

  5. Of course, hun. Even without voice, this would be heard. :-)