Friday, March 31, 2006

The Blue House April 2006

Lookit! In this crazy time in my life, when I've made little or no attempt at being published anywhere, online or off - I've managed to find myself in an online poetry Zine!

The April edition of The Blue House features 3 of my poems, along with the work of many other poets, including John Sweet. I absolutely LOVE John Sweet's work, and am honored to be included in the same issue with him, and other such talented poets.


  1. :-D Wonders never cease. Congrats, hon. You deserve it!

  2. More interested in Nova's news. Glad he's improving.

  3. Just in time for National Poetry Month. Wonder if there'll be a pic of the day again...


  4. Gorgeous poems in "The Blue House" Erin - congratulations!

    Eagerly read about Nova each time I visit here - you're all much in my thoughts and prayers.