Tuesday, March 28, 2006

3/28/06 am

The first thing we do in the morning is call the nurse and check on Nova. We know if anything went wrong over night, they'd have called, but they work on the 'no news is good news' premise (thank god, the phone ringing scares me to death!) so we call in hopes of good news every morning. This morning we got it!

Apparently, the chest tubes made such an improvement that they're going to do the heart cath tomorrow!

He had a good night, with the trend continuing on the course it started last night. I didn't get any information on the latest cultures yet, so I can't say how the infection is doing but it must be improving if they feel like they'll be able to get a vein easily enough to do the cath.

Now, lemme tell ya, feeling good makes me nervous - it hasn't been 'safe' to feel this good lately, but shit I feel good this morning. For weeks we've gotten lots of bad news, and lots of more-of-the-same news, so good news is a surprise, which makes it even better... Does that even make sense? I'm feeling sort of giddy - which is really weird because when we first heard he needed the cath, it was bad news. Guess it's all about perspective eh?

Guess that "Big Daddy" lovin' did him a world of good!

(Later, I'll even explain the whole "Big Daddy" thing but right now, I'm going to have a celebratory cup of coffee with Big Daddy)


  1. Yay Nova! I love me some good news!

    You know, you're so fortunate in that you have such a wonderful nursing staff. When J was in the hospital his nurses were dumb as rocks and had personalities to match. The only way I got info was through my nurse friend, Heidi, who'd log in from her station down in the ER, read his reports, then come up and explain them to me. Otherwise, I would have had no clue what was going on with my son.

    And yes, it is a matter of perspective, I suppose. I'm so happy that they'll be able to do the heart cath tomorrow. I think that's a sign of huge improvement, and if they're doing the cath, and able to balloon open the narrow arteries, I have to think that recovery is about to pick up it's pace in a major way.

    Crossing my fingers for you guys

  2. You and Big Daddy do so deserve that cup of coffe.

    A father's love is special, just as a mother's is, but I'm not sure that can explain it here, the reasons excape me, but the love is magical in its own way, healing.

    I wish
    I could
    weave a
    one that surrounds
    us, protecting our children

    I wish
    I could
    build a fire
    one that warms us all

    I wish
    I could.

    ~ James

  3. Love IS healing, and you're absolutely right, a Daddy's love is magical, and just as special and important as Mommy's. It's something I really love doing, just watching Scott with Nova - there's a bond there that I too can't describe.
    Thank you for the poem. I wish the same thing, and would be honored to have my children sit by your fire, under your blanket, safe and healthy.

    Love you Sir James, you're one of a kind ya know it?

    I can not imagine having an experience like that. It's WRONG to leave a mother uninformed about her child and the treatments and stuff. What a shitty hospital, and what a scary thing that must have been. I'd go insane without all the information I get!

    Love you to!


  4. errr too.. not to... damn typos! grrr