Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Throwing a fit.

Some damn times.

A while back I posted that my ex-husband had gone on disability, thereby possibly making my 2 oldest sons eligible for benefits in lieu of child support that he hasn't paid, isn't paying, and basically refuses to pay. He's over $16,000 in arrears actually, and has changed jobs repeatedly just to escape the court ordered garnishment.

Well, I just applied for their benefits, which according to the lady at the child support office, should be more than the amount he was ordered to pay, which was $238 per month. The social Security Administration says he lists four children, which reduces all their benefits, and the boys will now be getting a total of $218 per month. That's exactly $218 more per month than what he's paid in the last 15 months - $20 LESS than what he was ordered to pay before. Sort of a good news bad news deal here.

Since he was approved in August of last year, the boys will get a lump sum for the months since then, about $1700! Woo HOO! Yeah, except that the paperwork is going to take 60 days to process. I so NEED that money NOW! Damn government and their red tape, damn my ex, for not giving the Social Security Office the boys' information when he applied and delaying their benefits. Damn all this good news bad news shit, we need that damned money! Do I sound like I'm stomping my feet like a 2 year old and throwing a conniption fit? Well, I am.

I'm praying that somehow something goes super-smoothly and it gets done faster, but I'm not quite crazy enough to think that the government is going to work faster just for us. I mean, to save me from most likely having to move, the money would have to have been deposited yesterday, literally. The idea of packing and moving right now is enough to send me into a nervous breakdown. Let alone finding a place that would even let us move in - most people say no way to a family with 6 kids.

God help me make it through the next month or so!

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  1. *hug* He will....Sorry I haven't commented lately. Been going through some of my own stuff and it's so trivial compared to yours. :-) Besides, I'd bore you! Positive thoughts, sweetie, remember? And, ahem...I'm still waiting to hear from you....just giving you a hard time. Love you and yours.