Wednesday, March 15, 2006

But then there's this

So we have it hard right now. We're going through hell and Nov's situation has made more backwards steps than forwards in the last 23 days. It's easy sometimes to start feeling sorry for myself and all we're going through but then there's something like this:

Mother Opens Up About Learning Newborn Has Terminal Illness


  1. You know, you've always gotten on to me about minimizing my own problems in light of others, and here you go doing the same thing! :)

    Seriously, be glad for every day you have with Nova, and never lose the empathy you have for other mothers facing loss. I know that's something you do without me having to say it, anyway.

  2. When I read this story last night, I was really moved by it, and realized that as bad as it's been for us, it could be worse.

    I woke up this morning 12 hours later - and not quite as moved. Does that sound horrible?

    Sorry, I'm having a day. (Nova's fine, Mommy... not so much)

  3. You're allowed to have a bad day, E. You're entitled to about a year's worth at this point. Go ahead and feel sorry, mad, or whatever you need to feel. And yes, that also includes selfishness. :)