Saturday, March 25, 2006


Well, the car went for $44.34! That'll be put to good use for the Foundation! I'll be so glad to be able to pass it along.

Nova is doing pretty much the same as yesterday, and there really isn't anything more to add. He's still very swollen, and that won't change until the infection starts to clear up. He really looks like hell.

The swelling puts him at risk for more pressure wounds (bed sores) and he has two spots on the back of his head that look like they started to break down, but I pointed them out to the nurse yesterday and they've been trying not to turn his head in a position that would put pressure on that area.

His hands and feet stay very cold, and the O2 probes have a hard time picking up - again, a side effect of the infection - so they have the portable heater on him, and do a LOT of blood gas tests to be sure he's oxygenated enough. They wean him down on the ventilator when they can, but it was at 75 all day - yesterday it was at 37, so it's considerably higher today.

Basically, he looks like hell, but his body is putting all of it's energy into keeping the internal organs working. It's doing its job, as best it can. No big steps in either direction today, which is about as well as he can do right now.

I tell you what though, it's easy to get discouraged on days like this, when there's simply no improvement. I just keep reminding myself that at least he isn't any worse.

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