Thursday, March 30, 2006

The hysterically inevitable

From: "Shaela Phillips"
Date: 30 Mar 2006, 01:11:21 PM
Subject: Re: Poetic Acceptance


You are so nasty...please remove my email from your site, you did not have my permission to post my email. That's illegal. Believe me honey, I have tons of authors that support my efforts and love what I do.

Shaela Montague-Phillips

Creative Consciousness at its Best

Oh, bless her heart, she called me "honey." Of course, when it follows "nasty" I guess she doesn't mean it in a loving way eh?

For the record, it isn't illegal to post email, I've researched it, she and I have discussed it before (the last time she threatened to sue me.) There are only certain cases where it IS illegal, and this one isn't covered either of those umbrellas, unless of course she'd like to admit publicly that her supposed non-profit organization is actually something she profits from personally...

Guess what folks? Life is amazingly good - despite all of this,hell, I'd even venture to say that life is good BECAUSE of all this.

If I had 3 wishes they'd go as follows:
1. I wish Nova was home and healthy.
2. I wish every person who ever considered doing "business" with Shaela Montague-Phillips, Meeting of the Minds, or Chapbook Enterprises could read the full story of my dealings with her before they sign that "contract" of hers.
3. World Peace (of course, right?)

Oh, wanna see something else funny?
It's been down for days with a message about how it's been "temporarily disabled" with a phone number for the owner to call. Now it's just a 404 'page cannot be displayed' thing.



  1. How sad. I'm going to revert to Jr. High again and say...

    She started it!

  2. Hey E2- you still up for the "" thing? If we're going to be Jr. High, we might as well go all the way!

    Jeez, some people...

    E, I'm glad to hear that life is good, despite all the crap you seem to be wading through right now.

  3. She's just pissed off because we can all see how unprofessional she is in that she can't fucking use SPELL CHECK!


  4. your and you're, yeah, even I noticed that one...

    oh, he's back as of today. maybe life will return to normal (sic)

  5. LMAO! I was gonna point that out last night. hee-hee...I ALMOST pity her.

  6. hee hee hee
    *points and giggles*

    (That's my return-to-middle-school thing lol)

    You see, ignorance tends to show itself, simply because, as Metallica so aptly pointed out, ignorance and arrogance go hand in hand. ;)

    And you know, it's funny, because I could add so much more to this conversation, but I think her own words really put it all out there!

    I will say that it's pretty tempting to email her back though, just to see what else she'd say lmao! I haven't and I won't but MAN would I love to see more of her intellectually stimulating commentary.

  7. I say publishers be damned.

    Not worthy of your great grace, or the adversity you adn your family are living through at this time.