Friday, March 31, 2006


I wonder exactly what it is that people are looking for when they do a search on "Poems of Acceptance" or "Acceptance Poems" or, better yet, just "Acceptance" - all three terms land a LOT of people here. I hope at least a few of them find whatever it is they're looking for. Somehow I doubt it.

The weather here is beautiful today. Yesterday too. Perfect day for playing outside. Looks like we might get some rain this evening though - they were calling for thunderstorms, I haven't checked if they still are, but I'd sure love me some of that.

Nova's still having a good day. Nothing of import to report, except that we'll be leaving to go see him soon. Scotty had a lot of work to catch up on today (since he took the day off for the heart cath), so we're getting a late start. It's amazing how he went from hardly working to being so busy he can't see straight. The season has begun, and it'll keep going through like October.

My rose bush is looking really good this year. Last year Scott saved it from the dump (a removal from someone's yard) and we planted it. They hadn't trimmed it or anything in quite some time, so we let it settle in and pruned it recently - last year it was a bunch of pokey thorny leggy sticks. This year it actually has leaves, lots of them. We'll see if it actually puts out any blooms. The gardenia didn't fare very well, but it looks like it has some new growth, but only after some seriously aggrssive pruning on it too. My hostas are doing pretty well, and those bushes that we can't quite identify are getting full and bushy. The rosemary has taken over it's area, and the canna lillies are coming up. I need to get out there and do some serious weeding, and we need to get a couple of yards of mulch too.

None of the irises have bloomed, but as I recall they bloomed a little later than the daffodils last year too. I'm not really looking forward to them anyway, they're that horrible shade of dead blood. Yuck. The beds out front are just bushes, but they really look good. We used cyprus chips for those, and it looks really nice with the varigated foliage of the bushes. We need to replace the railing on the front porch though. We don't use the front door, so it isn't a safety issue, it's just damned ugly. worn and grey and old and ugly. We have 3 dogwoods out front. 2 need to come down, the other (my Mona Lisa) is just about to hit full bloom.

Anyway, Scott's ready to go so we're going!

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  1. :-) I love this full of spring and just all around renewal. I'm so glad. I want to see your flowers. I'm gonna have some pics of our calla lilies. They're so pretty.

    When we lived in VA our neighbor in front of us had a dogwood and it was absolutely beautiful when it bloomed it was pink and white.

    Glad all is well so far. *hug*