Saturday, March 11, 2006

3/10/06 p2

Extubated at 1:30 this afternoon.
Re-intubated at 10:00 pm
The heart cath seems to be back on the table for next week.

I hate Dr. Young, he's a condescending ass with no bedside manner and the ability to dodge a question, repeatedly, no matter how (or how many times) you ask.

First they say that it isn't unusual to have a child need several opportunities to come off the vent, then they tell you that since he isn't off the vent, they need to do a cath. Seems to me that you do a cath because you suspect a problem, which doesn't sound like something that's "not unusual."

So I ask, like any parent would I think, "OK, what are we looking for with the cath? Is there something you suspect you might find that could be a contributing factor to his being so dependent on the vent?"
Of course, Dr. Young (the aforementioned condescending ass) just skirted the issue and said basically, "Every child is different. We wish he'd already been successfully extubated before now, but some kids just take longer."

"OK, so why are we talking about doing a cath?"

"Well, what I'm trying to tell you...

Never did really get an answer, just got attitude. I hope he gets a flat (or 4) on the way home.

So, I'll have to go early tomorrow in hopes of catching Dr. Watts doing his morning rounds, and when I do, I will be clear about my feelings about Dr. Young's refusal to answer my questions.

Forgot the camera, no pics.

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