Friday, March 24, 2006

for the CVRU babies

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Thank you Kriss for bidding!

Any Tony Stewart fans out there?

Several days ago, we started an ebay auction, with the intention of donating the proceeds to The Maeghan and Heidi Heart Foundation. It's a 1:24 Diecast car made by Action. It's the 1999 Habitat for Humanity Pontiac - autographed by Tony Stewart. So if any of my readers are interested in NASCAR, NASCAR memorabilia, or Tony Stewart collectables, please go take a look!

I've seen it listed for several hundred on other sites, and I'm hoping that we can make a pretty good sized donation from this sale! There are 3 days left on the auction, and we've only gotten one bid so far, but whatever it sells for, The Foundation will get it.

AND I got the first donation for the sock fund this morning! It wasn't a huge donation, but it was the entire balance of the donor's Paypal account, and I'm very grateful for it!

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