Tuesday, March 14, 2006

good grief charlie brown

It's a conspiracy, or maybe I've become some test subject in a psychological experiment. Either way, my sanity is being tested.

Now they aren't going to extubate him tomorrow, because they are going to do a heart cath, but now it's on Friday.

I wish they'd just make up their minds.


  1. ARRGGG!!! Makes ME want to pull out my hair. I can only imagine how frustrated you feel.

  2. Ang~
    I don't actually HAVE hair anymore.

    I'm glad that they've decided to do it. I think it needs to be done if there is any chance that they may find and repair anything that's contributing to his need for the vent.

    I just hope they don't change the schedule any more - I need them to do it and get it done, for my own sanity!

  3. I completely agree with you on that. It does need to be done, so do it dammit! NOW! Arg! Now I understand that hospitals run on schedules, and that sometimes schedules get screwed up- whether due to equipment problems, emergencies, or simply because of beautiful golf days, we may never know, but enough already! Get this boy in there and let's figure out what's going on. He's been on the vent long enough, in my opinion. Isn't it true that the longer they're dependent on the vent, the harder it is for them to come off? You'd think they'd make that a priority.
    I feel like shaking some doctors. Let me at 'em!