Friday, January 6, 2006

Zachary's Heart

I got a comment the other day on my post where I found out for sure that Nova had Tetralogy and Pulmonary Atresia - it was a comment by a woman who has a son with similar defects. She left a link to the site she's built dedicated to her son Zachary, which details their journey through treatment and surgery with him. I thought some of you might find it interesteing - I did, even though the pictures of her son after his first surgery were so frightningly remniscent of Alexis right after her surgery that it mortified me to the point of trying to close the window, but being unable to find the "X" in the top corner to close it.

I've read nearly every page of it, especially the journal. It was really nice to read the story of a family that has had a positive outcome. Like I told her, it's hard for me to see past Alexis to believe that Nova can make it through this and be OK.

Anyway, it's a great site for anyone who wants a little more info on heart defects, and what it's like to make this journey that we're facing with Nova. Her son's defect isn't exactly like Nova's, but similar enough to get some basic insight.

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