Friday, January 6, 2006

Teeth and Art

OK fellow art lovers...
I just got an email from a fellow NC blogger and wanted to share it here.

Hey everybody! Please help me spread the word that I have an
original print up for auction on eBay!! Bobby and I are trying to raise money for our dental work - he needs a crown and I need an extraction, and we're strapped for funds. 10% of my sale price will go to STAAR - Save Them All animal Rescue here in NC. If these auctions go well, I will pick a new NC-based charity for each print I sale.

All help is greatly appreciated!

You can also do a search for "CBM" in "Art", and I'm the only one that shows up!
Mandie Rose

Mandie is a talented photographer - and she also offers more prints in various sizes on her blog at: There's one there that I'll be buying as soon as I can... It's a beautiful photograph. Anyway, even if the photo on ebay doesn't strike your fancy, visit her blog and view some other photos - I'll bet you that you'll find at least one you'd like a copy of!

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  1. This is the print I want... isn't it gorgeous?