Tuesday, January 17, 2006

good news bad news

Back to the cardiologist today. There's been no further drop in Nova's blood oxygen level since last week, so I guess the cath, and iron supplements are doing what they're supposed to do. Dr. Watts wants to put it off as long as he can, but we have to go back to see Dr. Bensky on Monday, so that slot he left open next week will still be open in case he decides they need to go ahead with the surgery.

In other words, they say he's doing ok, but still might do the surgery next week, only they won't just say that they're going to do it - they want to see if they can drive me insane with uncertainties and unknowns.

I saw my ob/gyn on Monday morning, apparently, my cut, cauterized (and perforated) self, aside from my belly button being a bit sore (and crusty thanks to something called "nu skin" - or "skin glue" as Dr. Sobel calls it) is just fine - no infection or complications of any sort. Yay me. I'm looking forward to some nights of uninhibited wild sex sans the worry over pregnancy! I keep thinking to myself, I can't get pregnant. I can't gt pregnant. I can never get pregnant again! Then again, knowing me, I'll be the one oddball that manages to get pregnant despite the fact that I've been sterilized. Anyway, to be totally honest, it's a little weird, knowing that so long as the doc did his job right, I can't have any more children.

In other (un-medical) news, my landlord, due to his undiagnosed status as an blathering idiot (and in my unprofessional opinion an Alzheimer's patient) combined with a mistake that he made with the dates on our rent receipts in October, is claiming we owe him $600 that we simply don't owe him. There is, and never has been, any arguing with the man. I tried to explain what happened and when that has created this confusion, and neither he nor his wife wanted to hear a word of it. Tomorrow I'll try to show them, to prove, using our copies of our rent receipts, to them that I'm not a month behind on my rent. If that doesn't work (and I don't believe that it will) then I will most likely be evicted.

Exactly what I need right now eh?


  1. Anonymous2:47 AM

    ma'am yer landlordn lady are bad arsed ijits from what u are seyin's so we hope it works for ya & yer fam. gawd bless

  2. No immediate worries on the eviction thing E. The entire process, even if a judge were to order it, takes about three months. And if you have reciepts to prove payment, there's really no worries at all.

    I can see how having your tubes tied could make for a spike in the bedroom activity. I mean, NEVER having to worry about pregnancy again, that's got to drop a few barriers. But I can also see how it's a little strange.

    Heh, maybe I need to go get my tubes tied. That must be my problem!

    Anyway, keep us up to date on Nova. I'm glad to hear his oxygen levels are still the same. That's a good sign, for sure. But I know the uncertainty is probably harder than having a firm date for surgery. Ugh.

  3. god I would LOVE to know who "anonymous" is, but whoever you are, thanks and yeah, you're right... ijits.

    We won't say there's been a spike - yet ;) it's only been a few days and things are still healing and stuff, but I seriously think it's going to improve my sex life, both the quality AND quantity >:)

  4. heck, the fact that you're intersted at all this soon after childbirth, and surgery, amazes me. It took me more than six months before I'd let Wil near me. OUCH! No thanks.