Tuesday, January 3, 2006

one end to the other

We got great news from "the Randy camp" last night. They've been checking through the bone marrow registry for matches for him, and have 5 potential donors! FIVE! So I'm sure that there will be one of them that will actually be a complete match, and if there is a match, Randy will go to Boston to get the transplant in February. They've managed to continue to pay for the medications he's needed (thanks again in part to generous donations from my readers!). He spent a few days in the hospital just before Christmas for a chemo treatment - but it was a routine treatment, and he's doing very very well physically - so the transplant should go well, as long as he stays strong and healthy until then.

Scotty's mom just got a cell phone and a computer... why does that trip me out so much? Well, it does, but now we can stay in touch with her more easily, and without worrying about long distance charges, or non-peak minutes or whatever. And, now she'll have more pictures of her grandkids than she'll know what to do with.

Ebay made my bank account overdrawn. They charged my debit card for an amount that I had already paid with my paypal account - then told me that yeah, it's a flaw in their system, but there's not a damn thing that they're going to do about the money I now owe the bank.

Assholes. For future reference, if you sell stuff on ebay and get an invoice for the fees, DON'T pay them - ebay will still charge your credit/debit card and then you'll be screwed. And you know, I paid it ahead of time from my Paypal account JUST to avoid my bank account being overdrawn! I'm really pissed off about it too! Like I have an extra $40 laying around to throw out the window for no apparent reason. It's bad enough when you owe the bank money when you actually do something wrong, like bounce a check - but to owe them money when you didn't do a shitting thing? Argh.


  1. I overdrew my account over the holidays but it wasn't bank error, it was my own.

    If you call your bank's customer service number and ask they will may drop the fee for overdrawing as a courtesy. It's worth the call.

  2. Erin, that's such great news about Randy! I'm overjoyed that there are 5 potential matches for him. That's quite a few, isn't it? I'm no bone marrow expert, but I know that my best friend has been on the registry for at least 10 years and hasn't been called once, which leads me to believe that being a match is a hard thing to accomplish.

    I'm crossing my fingers for him. Sounds like there's going to be a happy ending to this particular saga.

    On the ebay thing, couldn't you talk to your bank, or maybe file a dispute with them regarding the charge? I went through a similar thing with my mortgage company a few years back. Mailed checks that never were recieved, so payed the stop payment fee on them and sent an online payment, only to have the checks bounce later. It was the bank's fault for letting them clear after I'd stopped payment, but they were assholes about it all the same. In the end I still got screwed but for a lesser amount than I would originally have paid.

    Anyway, I'm glad you've been given a little ray of sunshine today. You deserve it.

  3. hi e / just checking

    looks like all is well :)

    i hope you got thru the holidays
    not too exhaused / i know i am

    drop me a line /if & when you have
    a chance //

    happy new year babe


  4. E, I definitely suggest you make a stink. Even being the most non-confrontational person ever (to the point of getting butt-f***ed most of the time - and no, not literally), I stood my ground when my own insurance company tacked a surcharge on my premium after that accident -- even went so far as to file a complaint with the NH Board of Insurance -- and they finally just backed down. I am learning that $40 is nothing to them and if you are annoying enough, they'll give it back to you. Besides, what they did would legally be considered stealing, right? They ran an unauthorized transaction. Use that terminology. You'll get your money back.

    I am so glad everything else is going well. Yay E!!

  5. Try posting to "Seller Central" on eBay and see if anyone else has encountered this and what they did and what the end result was. You shouldn't be out $40 - eBay should.

    Good luck! Have a great night.

  6. Well, Ebay is refunding me the $5.36, and when they do, my bank has agreed to waive all the fees and penalties. So eventually when Ebay posts the refund, everything will be straightened out :)