Monday, January 23, 2006

1 appointment, 2 accounts and a God

The weather is miserable here today. Cold and grey and windy, and raining. Not the powerful storms I adore, just a meager sputter-spatter of wet. Enough to make mudpuddles and slop, but not enough to bring a smile to my face.

Yes, I'm fickle. I love rain, but only when it comes in the fashion of my liking, preferably with window-rattling thunder.

This? This is just depressing. And being a sufferer of sinus-induced migraines, it's also been hell. All day yesterday I was in pain, and even though I 'got rid of' the damn thing, I can feel it still sitting there, waiting till I'm not paying attention so it can come sneaking up on me from behind and kick my ass. Migraines are sneaky bitches like that, and always prefer to start out with a brass-knuckle sucker-punch to the temple.
We went back to the Sanger Clinic for Nova's weekly check up. It gets tiresome, for the record, to drive for 2 hours in Charlotte traffic, back and forth - all for the sake of a 5 minute visit with the doctor. Today they didn't even bother to get him naked, weigh him, take a blood pressure, a temperature - nothing. I spent more time getting him out of his winter coat jumpsuit thingy than the doctor spent seeing him. Just took the coat off, popped a foot out of his sleeper long enough to get an O2 reading from his cute little monkey toe, and we were done.

The good news is that the iron supplement is doing his blood count a world of good, and his oxygen levels actually rose since last week! So there will be no open heart surgery this week!
Some of you will recall me complaining about eBay charging my bank account for fees I'd already paid, and how they said that they'd refund the second payment... That was on January 3rd. They finally refunded the payment today. So I (re) contact my bank, who has previously told me that they'd waive the charges for my account being overdrawn, and guess what? Apparently they changed their minds and decided since it wasn't a mistake on their part, they weren't going to straighten out the account after all.

Yeah, ever seen Erin pissed off? It's not pretty, but it gets the job done. After a basketload of wasted minutes spent on hold waiting for a supervisor, and then 15 minutes more spent with her, I finally convinced them to revert to their original decision. So, after a mere 19 days, my eBay account and my bank account are FINALLY fixed - funny though, it only took a combined total of about 19 seconds to fuck the 2 accounts up!
I'm still reading "Skinny Legs and All" by Tom Robbins. I'm usually a really fast reader, but you just can't whiz through a Tom Robbins novel. You'll miss all the witty inuendos and scan yourself right out of the pleasure of some absolutely amazing imagery and the most beautiful unique use of words...

Tom Robbins is a literary God, do you hear me?!


  1. I hope you're feeling better.

  2. Miss V~
    I hope the same for you dear.

  3. Hey, I'm surviving. And, I wrote a poem for the round robin last night. That's something!