Saturday, January 21, 2006

Linkage part ?

I'm a member over at Cafe Cafe blog, and though I haven't posted anything there in ages, I try to keep an eye on what is posted there, because it's a meeting place for some truly talented poets. Today, there is a new poem called Ode to a Tearful Dishwasher, made by, who else but the Tearful Dishwasher himself. I was intrigued by the vivid imagery, and impressed with the way he used inornate language to highlight the depth and intricacy of the images. Of course after reading (and loving) the piece, I had to follow the link to his blog in search of more poetry like it. After an quick scan of the front page, I was initially disappointed in the lack of poetry - but stuck around to read the posts that were there, accompanied by some really intriguing graphics - digital art, and manipulations - and was glad I did. His mastery of mood and tone is obvious even in his posts about the mundane, which turn into artistically highlighted prose...

Yeah, he's going in my links, I think I'm in love... With his writing style, and his voice.
Go check him out eh?

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  1. God, his blog is wonderful! I'm adding him , too. Thanks for pointing me there.