Monday, January 30, 2006

AOL CD's for Charity

Billy the Blogging Poet is always up to something - but his "something" always benefits someone else. Right now, he's scheming to help underprivileged children by making an art project of some sort (top secret and he's not telling!) that he's going to sell on eBay and donate the proceeds to a children's charity.

Go read about it:
Please Help Me Make a Difference

I don't get the AOL CD's anymore - but I know a lot of you do, so I'm asking, on behalf of Billy, and the kids he intends to help, that all of you round them all up, save them as you get them, and send them to Billy.

Now I also - eBay addict that I am - did an eBay search and lo and behold, there are hundreds of them for sale on eBay, so if you really want to help him out here, go buy some, they're cheap!!

I'm off to buy some right here: eBay - AOL CD


  1. How wonderful, an evening full of helping!! Just before I read this, and Billy's blog, I mean just moments before, I posted this:

    You must read Scott Harrison's Mercy Ship. Really, do it now.

    Billy's not poor, nor are you in your little trailer on the prairie, nor are we, up to our ears in debt in Colfax or almost anyone in America, not this poor anyway. My money's going to Scott, if I can scrounge up some to give. I'll give Billy the head's up on this, maybe he'll donate too.

    Best to both of you,


  2. lmao well, I don't live in a trailer, or on the prairie - but you're right, we aren't poor compared to those people - we're just spoiled ass americans. And did you SEE the amazing work they did with the cleft palate surgeries? Wow. Yeah, I'll definitely donate to that cause.

    You know, here, that surgery is purely cosmetic, but in a lot of foreign countries, a defect, especially a facial defect, is thought to be a sign of demonic possession or evil - these people are shunned not so much for their appearance, but for the 'definition' that the culture has placed on the deformity... These kids would never have been able to participate in society in any way.

  3. From reading your blog for some reason I got the impression you lived in a trailer. No shame in that, many don't even have roofs over their heads.

  4. Nope, not a trailer, just a crappy house :)

  5. Erin,
    Thanks for the plug and thanks for your help.

  6. It's the least I could do Billy. And you're very welcome.