Monday, January 23, 2006



When fear is buried
it germinates and
what snakes out of fertile soil
to smother all you ever knew are
heavily entangled vines of dread.

Everything withers away under a kudzu cloak,
dies beneath the weight of its ever growing shade.

Even the things you love.


  1. Wow E, this is amazing! It conveys so much emotion in so few words.

    I find it reminiscent to the poem in the previous link. Was it your imspiration?

  2. I love this. Hurts my heart. I wish the title didn't "give it away," though...does that make sense? It's beautiful.

  3. Ang~
    Actually, it probably was, subconsciously. I didn't THINK about that poem as I wrote mine, but I did write it in awfully close proximity...

    That makes complete sense actually. I have no idea what else I'd title it though....

  4. Lol E, I have to laugh at my own misspelling. imspiration... how redneck is that?!

    It really is a fantastic poem. I hope you realize that.

  5. Anonymous10:16 PM

    "Everything withers away under a kudzu cloak,/
    dies beneath the weight of its ever growing shade."

    it's lovelee. truelee. a gem of a line and if some dumb'ess publisher doan see so, they iz off in dahdah land. good on ya ! good work!
    as usua'l

    yers an admire'r