Sunday, January 15, 2006

Yesterday's thoughts

Yesterday's thoughts
while staring out the bathroom window:

The skin on my hands and face
is beginning to resemble
that of an older woman.

The grey in my hair
has become startlingly obvious,
and it's been seventeen years
since graduation.

The trees are twisted -
naked alzheimers patients,
too confused for clothes,
with wrinkled skin
and torsos bent in a struggle
against change or under the weight of it,
they disremember which,

and I forget what it is to be young.


  1. Gee, how do you think I feel? Stay out of my brain!

  2. i was grey at 18, and I am proud of being almost 49 now. life has so much more in store when you mature.

  3. Erin- Happy New Year. I hope you are doing well, along with new baby.

    I think forgetting what it's like to be young is the first real step to being wise. Youth is so frivolous, careless, inconsiderate, selfish... shall I continue? Welcome to wisdom and depth and true beauty.