Wednesday, January 4, 2006

time keeps on slippin' slippin' slippin'. . .

Well, Ebay said it may take up to 30 days to get my refund, but whenever I do get it, the bank will remove all the fees and charges incurred from them withdrawing the money. Lovely, so my account might be screwed for 30 days. God I just LOVE Ebay right now! (Note the sarcasm eh?)

I guess I should stop griping and just be glad that the bank is willing to waive the fees, right? I mean, eventually I'll have all my money back lol.Yeah, ok, I'll stop the bitching and be happy now :)

I got up this morning and got dressed - in pajamas and slippers. Later, still in my PJs, I strapped on the baby in the front carrier and did some yard work. No doubt it was an interesting sight, but hey, it needed to be done. See, the fire ants nest at the base of my cactus plants, and we've had quite a bit of rain lately, and the combination made the ground weak around this huge cactus at the side of the house, and it fell over, just, you know: *plop* and I had to do something about it before they took root out in the yard. These plants are huge, seriously, they come up to like, my shoulders, so when it fell over it fell out into the grass like 4 feet or so. So I went at it with a shovel and a pitch fork lol. I now have a wheel barrow full of cactus parts to dump. I didn't make it that far since Nova, who as I said earlier was strapped to my front, decided it was time to eat. There is no arguing with a one month old you know. They always win, and leave you wondering what all the debate club meetings and years of life experience were for if someone who can't even speak can ALWAYS beat you.

When I went in to feed him, I heard a horn outside - it was my mailman, errr woman, with a package from Enfamil. I signed up for every damn free thing I could get when I was pregnant, and this was some free enfamil samples. But um, I don't use formula. She got out of the car to give it to me and asked how I got them to send it to me because she had signed up for it a month ago and still didn't get hers - so I gave it to her lol. Along with the can that came in the free diaper bag that the hospital gave me. You know that shit is like $26 a can!? Crazy. I also told her if I get any more that she can have them too - I have no use for them anyway. I still had Nova strapped on, and she said he looks tiny to her - but her baby is 2 months old and weighs 12 pounds, so I'm sure he does.

I'm still working on a poem I started last night - seems I start a poem and lose the mood or tone or flow or something, and can't ever find the middle or end of it. The good news is that the beginnings are coming to me, a word or an idea will spark something in me. Last night when this one started, I was pumping and yelled for Kassi to bring me pen and paper before I lost it. So they're coming again - and I'll content myself with that until I get to the point of finishing a poem again. Baby steps or some such thing.

I'm off to work on some poetry - or more likely, I'm off to feed the baby and pump and wish I had 5 minutes to actually work on some poetry!


  1. You can sell the formula on eBay :) Also, if you get the formula checks, those sell very well on eBay. (Just a thought.) Take care.

  2. You know, I thought about doing that, but I've been blessed with so many things from people over the years - things I needed and couldn't afford to get on my own at the time. I try to return the favor as often and in as many ways as I can. If the mail carrier needed the formula I had gotten for free, then by all means, I'll give her all I've got, for the same price I paid for it ;)

  3. Erin, this is just one example of why you're such a great person. Always helping someone else out... It's amazing what you can get for free, just by asking. I know that on the freecycle site I sometimes visit people give away things that seems as little and insignificant as coupons and single jars of baby food. It's sort of a neat concept when so many people are just apt to toss them out since they no longer need them.