Thursday, January 19, 2006


When you go to the grocery store, do you go with a list, or do you just go willy nilly and wing it? I'm a list freak. I decide on what 7 meals we'll have that week, make a list of what we'll need for those meals, and then (and ONLY then) does grocery shopping get done. Otherwise, I'd probably spend $100 on Pringles.

I started making out my weekly menu, and was drawing a total blank as to what to eat next week. Bread and water it is! Ok maybe not bread and water but I've ended up with a rather eclectic menu this week lemme tell ya. So far we have Empanadas (Mexican), BBQ Pork Chops (Southern), Baked Ziti (Italian), Split Pea soup (English), and Chinese Chicken (Um, DUH!), and I'm having a craving for biscuits with sausage gravy (SUPER southern), so I'm thinking maybe we'll do breakfast one night too.

Hey, I love breakfast for dinner, so just hush - IHOP is like heaven to me. I'd like Waffle House too, for the same reason, if only the coffee didn't require chewing and the waitresses had teeth...


  1. this all goes ~DOUBLE!~ for me. Scary, reading my own thoghts here, E! Yer doing it again! ;-)

    I have almost a pound of ground beef unthawing. What to do? What to do? Basketti? tacos? Sloppy joes? Decisions, decisions.

  2. My problem is that I make a list, and buy all of that, and THEN spend $100 on pringles!

    Actually, I'm a pretty good shopper. As long as Wil doesn't tag along, I can usually get out of the grocery under $70. Of course, I just blew $125 today on diapers, wipes and pet food. Ugh. Necessary stuff, but it still hurts. To be fair, there were some splurge items in there- a book for me, one for Jonas, and a 4 pack of sippy cups that weren't absolutely necessary, but make it easier for me to slack off on dishes.

    Had I not bought those, I could have made it out well under $100. But you gotta spoil yourself sometimes. That, and I have no self-control or organizational skills.

  3. Hmm, sounds like a couple of my recipes in there...

  4. Mike -
    Burgers with extra picles, LOTS of extra pickles, with fries with too much salt!

    LOL Ang, hun I'm telling you, sometimes I wonder if we don't share a brain, or at least a personality! I always regret every penny I spend on myself, or on anything I could have lived without. I try to convince myself that's because I'm not working and Scotty is, but the truth is, I'm the same way even when I am working.

    Scott on the other hand, he can go buy shoes, clothes, video games, whatever he wants or needs, and not have a bitty little twinge of guilt about it.

    I think we both could take lessons from him.

    lol V, the Empanadas are definitely yours! My family LOVES them.

  5. E, I make a mental list of staple items which need to be replenished and then I grab this and that on top of it. Probably not the most efficient, but it works when one only has to feed herself and one other. I wish I had your discipline. We'd eat much more interesting stuff than mac 'n' cheese and steak tips. (You know how I am about steak tips!) :-P