Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Want to know what a 'fresh perspective' looks like? How about a peek into a unique use of words? Try Scott Wannberg on for size!

(TOH: Pris)


  1. Erin
    I don't know how I missed having this blog on my links list. Will add. And wasn't that poem stimulating??

    I just noticed that you're from Monroe. You surely know Pageland, South Carolina, then, just 19 miles south of you where I grew up and returned to for many years. I know Monroe very well.

  2. Duhhhh. I DID have your link. I couldn't imagine how I missed this. Did you change your layout? Something looks different. I love it!

    Did you design this or is it one of the blogger skins?

  3. nope, haven't changed a thing, except to have added/removed some things from the sidebar...

    A very good friend of mine designed and installed this for me, I just tweak the sidebar a bit now and then. It's beautiful isn't it? I keep telling her she should get paid for her talents, but I better hush before she sends me a bill!!

    And yes, I used to live in Pageland, a few years back. The year we were there we got a 13 inch snow, and the whole town shut down, literally! Van Lingle Mungo Blvd was a white wasteland ;)