Friday, January 6, 2006

10 women, 10 men and 10 minutes

I found this post tonight called Ten Minutes with Ten Women and found it pretty interesting as far as who was on this guy's list. He seems to want us to think he'd want 10 minutes with these women because of their personalities, but after seeing these women, well... 9 out of 10 are HOT-TEES! I mean, I'm sure they have lovely minds and sexy personalities too...

Then, in response to that post, I found this post called My Top Ten Interesting Men.

Both posts got me to thinking what 10 men and what 10 women I'd want to spend 10 minutes with. I couldn't come up with ten celebrity men I'd care to spend time with, and I have to admit that though I could definitely come up with 10 women to spend time with, they would all be for the wrong reason.

In other words, I'm a sex fiend and a chauvinist. Damn the things we learn about ourselves eh?


  1. Well, my list was kind of based on just talking. Now, if it were going to be ten minutes of anything, there would be several men eliminated and several men replacing them! Hee... :D

  2. lol Carla I hear ya. I can only think of one celebrity man I'd want to spend time with - The Rock... ;)