Tuesday, January 31, 2006

January 27th - 65 degrees

The littlest ones, in the yard last Friday. Crazy lack of winter we're having this year eh?
This is Terra, who looks deceptively as if she's doing yard work. Actually, she's pretending the wheel barrow is a boat, and the sticks are oars, and she's singing "Row Row Row your Boat"

Nova is just supervising, and wondering why it's so freakin bright and warm in January.

The blanket was only because it was breezy - not because it was even slightly cold.


  1. Holy Crap! Nice site, eoo. I was looking at the old club today and found your post with this link. I will check it out totally when I get out of work today. Hollar at me. ogradyj54@hotmail.com!

  2. Oppy!!!!
    Holy shit man, it's been SO long! How ARE you!!!!??? Email me too ya drunken ninja you!

  3. Erin, they are so damn cute! Nova looks, er, um, well, less than enthusiasitc about being outside. Terra is getting so big! Is she adjusting to not being to baby yet?

  4. lol, Nova was blinded by the sunlight - I put the blanket up over him, but it was still really bright out, and he was all squinty and blinky. He doesn't spend a lot of time outside, so it was a pretty new thing to him.

    Terra has adjusted - in her own way. She's gotten to the point that if we hold Nova or talk to him or do anything for/with him, she tries to crowd us out and mimick what we're doing (and repeat everything we say). If she can't manage to get her way, she grabs a doll and whatever we're doing (diaper changes especially) she pretends to do to her doll.

    She also likes to neeeeeed something when one of us has our hands full of Nova.

  5. Of course she neeeeds something at that precise moment! That's what kids do. But it sounds like she really is adjusting to being the big sister well. And mimicking you is a really cute way for her to learn to love and care for those around her.

    Jonas gets jealous if Wil and I even hug around him. He thinks he's the only one worthy of hugs and kisses, I guess.

  6. They're beautiful, Erin. You've got my ovaries throbbing. Stop that!!!! ;)

  7. lmao Erin sorry, I'll post some pics of ugly kids to quell the throbbing ;)