Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Another Good News/Bad News Post

Well, I think things are settled with the landlord. I suppose I should give some background to explain how there could be confusion as to what rent was paid and what wasn't eh?

OK. In August, we bounced a rent check. A week later, we paid them the full $600 in cash. but after bouncing the check, and therefore actually paying August's rent on the 19th (it was due the 7th) the landlord decided he'd feel better if we paid $200 every week. So I started doing that - $200 a week $200 a week, $200 EVERY WEEK. Now basic math tells us that if your rent is $600 a month, but you pay $200 for all FOUR weeks of the month (five, if it was a five friday month) you will soon be considerably AHEAD on your rent.

In December, about the time Nova was born (Dec. 2nd), I had already paid off the rent that was actually due on January 7th, but according to the dates on the receipts, it was marked 12/7 - 1/7. It was all about getting confused due to the $200 a week thing and all those extra payments. So I have spent the better part of 2 days either arguing with the landlord and his wife, going back over all the receipts for the entire year of 2005, or worrying about the receipts for the entire year of 2005, or worrying about arguing with the landlord and his wife.

It's a simple matter of multiplication - all 12 months of 2005 and January of 2006... 13months x $600 a month = $7800. The receipts totalled $7800! I'll be damned! ...or, even simpler, looking at receipts from October and seeing where the dates change BACK a month. Not difficult, unless you're dealing with MY landlord (damn I wish I had good enough credit to BUY - or even enough money to just MOVE!) So any damn way, long story short - 2 days worth of worrying and being pissed off and worrying some more, I finally convinced them that I was right. No eviction in my near future.

However, I may very well decide to move any damn way, I can't take dealing with this shit much more.

Aside from settling that, which is ultimately good news, we got bad news from Randy's wife today. He was in remission and they planned to do the transplant the first week of February - but today they found out that Randy is no longer in remission. You HAVE to be in remission to get the marrow/stem cell transplant. And they also found out that his heart is weak enough that they don't know if he can handle more of the intense chemo that it would take to get him back into remission so he CAN get the transplant.

I don't exactly know where they go from here, but what a kick in the teeth - he was a couple of weeks away from the ultimate "cure" for the Leukemia, planning to visit here the weekend before the transplant - looking forward to being truly healthy again - only to have the rug snatched from under him, not once, but TWICE - in one damn day.

Please, keep him (them) in your thoughts and prayers for me?


  1. absolutely!

    And here I am having trouble keeping the days straight...

  2. Erin, what a setback for Randy! I'm so sorry to hear that he's having complications. But I still have faith that he's going to make it through this. It may not be as soon as we all hoped, but hey, a match is out there for him. That alone is an incredible thing. So he'll be in my prayers, as always. And I hope that we'll have more good news soon.

    On the landlord issue. WTF is this pay weekly thing? Sounds like total bullshit to me. Do you have a rental contract? Doesn't it state that rent is due once a month and doesn't it specify a date? If so then you are not obligated to pay him weekly. You can't go changing a contract in the middle of the agreement. Sure, I understand trying to be nice, or helpful, but screw him. Do exactly what the agreement states and pay him his $600 a month, not a bit more or sooner.

    I don't know what normal rental rates are for your area, but $600 sounds like a bargain. Down here you couldn't get a studio apartment in the ghetto for that!

    I'm glad it's all settled for you, though. Sometimes the hassle of dealing with a problem is worse than the problem itself.

  3. You are ~ALL~ always in my prayers, dear! :-)

  4. V~
    I think you have every right to be losing track of the days lately hun.

    We HAD a lease, but it was a one year lease that expired 3 years ago. We never signed a new one when it ran out.

    I didn't WANT to do the weekly thing, but it was worth it to shut the old fucker up - but after we got all this straightened out, I made it clear that he'll be seeing me once a month from now on, on the 7th, and that's it.

    And YES, the rent is SUPER cheap, which is why I still live here after 4 years of dealing with this man. He's really a pain, but at $600, it's hard to complain, and hard to give up this place.

    As for Randy, it sucks, just fucking sucks. I can't imagine how hard today has been for them. So damn close, and then this. It's just wrong, you know what I mean?

  5. Anonymous11:41 PM

    Happy t' leern yer lanlor has done rite by U n'yer famlee. as fer whom I iz, i is jes'a fan
    cheep's better than nowhere t'a go
    best t'a ya'all

  6. Thanks "Anonymous"
    I get the impression I know you, and that you just don't want me to know quite who you are, and I can live with that I suppose :)