Sunday, January 22, 2006

Got Profit?

Man. I have never been able to paint worth a damn. I mean, I can doodle well enough to impress my kids, and I wasted 3 years of highschool in art class - but paint was just never 'my medium.' I never mastered the nuances of blending and such.

This guy however has got a knack for it. He offers his work on eBay, and actually sells it, if that means anything to you. It should, if it doesn't, by the way.

Here are the ones he has for sale right now, Lemon Half #3 is friggin awesome. But if you go through his archives, you'll see that most of his paintings are sold. I really like "Broken Egg V" - and the others where an egg is the subject. There's one I also really like called "Yoke." I dunno if he can't spell, or if there's some meaning to the misspelling that I'm missing, but the highlights and shadows in that painting kick ass!

This one is the one I want, and will guarantee you that I will eventually break down and buy. It's strangely symbolic to me - of what I'll keep to myself.

It must be nice to actually profit from your art, you know?

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